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Leucoderma ( leukopenia) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Leucoderma or leykopatiya constitutes a violation of skin pigmentation caused by the complete disappearance or decrease in its melamine (color pigment), and appears small spots.Leucoderma - not a single disease, but rather a sign of several diseases.

causes of leucoderma

causes of leucoderma are divided into two groups: the unknown etiology and infection.Leukoderma may result from such lesions as pityriasis versicolor, pityriasis rosea, parapsoriasis, psoriasis, eczema seborednaya et al., One of the symptoms of diseases (tuberculosis, secondary syphilis, etc.), And the resulting effects on the body of some medicinal preparations.Leucoderma can also be inherited and complicated more severe symptoms, can significantly impair the lives of patients.

sometimes characteristic of leucoderma patches on the edges are darker (hyperpigmented), less likely to have a reddish color (bloodshot).

leucoderma most often appears on the forearms, knees, elbows, in the groin and axillary folds.When syphilitic leukoderm

a (pigment syphiloderm) arising after infection in three - six months, mainly localized spots on the neck (posterolateral surface), at least on the side of the chest, abdomen and back.

In some cases, along with leucoderma observed leykotrihiya (congenital graying), ie,no hair coloring pigment and Leukonychia (nail plate partially or totally discolored, or they appear white spots).

Leucoderma equally affects both men and women, it can occur at any age, most often up to twenty-five years, and sometimes from birth.

treatment of leucoderma

first stage of treatment involves, first of all, the treatment of the disease, which caused leucoderma, so it is important to identify it and the appropriate treatment.Depending on the disease, and the treatment is prescribed as a rule, the individual in which simultaneously used and local drug therapy agents acting on the affected zone.

In the second stage, all forces rush to restore pigmentation and eliminate cosmetic defects.In the treatment of leucoderma using different drugs.For external use - alcoholic tinctures and ointments, for internal - tablets.Also appointed strengthening preparations, which contain additional doses of zinc, folic acid, copper, vitamins A, B, C, E, PP.To eliminate concomitant diseases as systemic therapy used tranquilizers, antidepressants, digestive enzymes, corticosteroids.

The diet is recommended to enter the shrimp, cheese, beef liver and parsley, spinach, peas, buckwheat, hips and figs.

Sometimes the treatment of leucoderma have to resort to surgical methods.Produced transplantation of cultured melanocytes own skin, transplantation of donor samples.

syphilitic leukoderma

syphilitic leukoderma usually appears at the beginning of the secondary period of the disease in the first six months after infection, sometimes a little later.Most often localized skin of the neck (side and rear surface), less frequently in the axillary crease and on the skin of the limbs and trunk.

First there hyperpigmentation of the skin, then its background gradually appear hypopigmented spots whitish, circular, relatively regular shape.Different patients have different spot value.Their numbers may be small, but they are sometimes so much that they sometimes merge or split hyperpigmented narrow strip.Pigment syphilis can exist for a long time.Its pathogenesis is unclear.Syphilitic leukoderma often accompanied by syphilitic alopecia.

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