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Symptoms of bowel adhesions

bowel Adhesions formation are arising between the abdominal cavity and triggers bonding or welding together of shells.If the spikes are formed in the gut, is glued between the intestinal loops, whereby there are characteristic symptoms.To date, intestinal adhesions is fairly common diagnosis.Because bonding bowel loops it changes in motion.In some cases, the work of the intestine stops completely.Consider the symptoms of bowel adhesions.

main symptoms

emergence The main symptoms include intestinal adhesions:

• appearance of pain in the intestines, which can be severe, aching or cramping.Often, the patient takes a dose of painkillers;

• strengthening of pain after eating and physical exercise;

• occurrence of constipation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention after eating;

• occurrence of bowel obstruction, which is a dangerous symptom of the disease;

• weight loss in chronic nature of the disease.

bowel adhesions block the work of the intestine.Unbearable pain marred the life of each patient

.Adhesions can not disappear on their own, in connection with what is often after the operation, for example, during which removes the appendicitis, needed more surgery to remove adhesions.

The most affordable and cheap method of diagnosis is the implementation of survey radiography of the abdominal cavity.Also, adhesive obstruction revealed during CT of the abdominal cavity or by performing ultrasound

symptoms develop adhesions in the intestine might result of abdominal surgery, and due to the presence of inflammatory processes.Adhesions may appear as directed, and after a few years, which may be due to the presence of predisposition to the formation of adhesions in most patients, asspecific enzyme that is found in their body, does that trauma form large dense scars.If no such predisposition, the adhesions are usually not formed.In addition, the occurrence of an attack ileus resulting from the development of adhesions can promote exercise or inflammation in the intestine.

When symptoms of intestinal adhesions, the patient suffers from severe cramping pain, occurring in a place ileus and spreads throughout the abdomen.They may not have a pronounced character, aching, but may increase during exercise.They are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, constipation and bloating.Stomach thus can be uniformly or partially swollen.The attacks follow each other, then amplified, then subside.

adhesive obstruction is changing the nature of the patient, he becomes irritable.If the pain is often repeated, there may be weight loss.Perhaps the addition of disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

adhesive obstruction is dangerous because necrosis of the bowel wall in the place in which was formed a barrier to the promotion of food can contribute to making began to develop peritonitis.Adhesions can also be caused by compression of the intestines, the formation of knots or kinks.

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