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Comprehensive treatment of panic attacks

Panic attack is a condition that is due to the fact that the blood suddenly released adrenaline in large numbers.Adrenaline, in turn, is a stimulant that prepares the body to a physical response to danger (flight or fight).Because of this marked the emergence of characteristic changes in heat transfer, the heart and blood vessels, kidneys and respiratory system.Comprehensive treatment of panic attacks may include medications, psychotherapy appointment, the use of the regime.

Drug treatment of panic attacks

to treat panic attacks medications prescribed by the doctor on an individual basis depending on what the patient's general condition and his nervous system.When medical treatment of panic attacks can be assigned:

  • benzodiazepines (such as alprazolam), which contribute to a successful fight against momentary panic attacks.Some drugs belonging to this group can be used as a prophylactic agent, if panic attacks are a regular occurrence;
  • antidepressants that panic attacks are carried better than
    benzodiazepines.Among them are sertraline, paroxetine, fluoxetine, Anafranil, tsipraleks, Paxil.There is a decrease feelings of anxiety in the first days of reception of this group of drugs, but to achieve maximum effect observed after 2-3 weeks after it started a course.The duration of antidepressant treatment is approximately two months.During the period of this group of drugs may cause some drowsiness and lethargy reactions;
  • anxiolytics, including panic attacks especially effective afobazol.The manifestation of the effect of this drug observed in the first days after the start of treatment and after 4 weeks of panic attacks will not be returned.Since afobazol not addictive, it is widely used;
  • auxiliary products containing vitamins and has a tonic character.When panic attacks Phenibutum actively used, which improves cerebral circulation.The same function has mexidol;
  • drugs belonging to the group of neuroleptics (etaperazin and propazin) contribute to combating fear and eliminate the physiological symptoms.Panic attacks involves the use of a relatively low doses, as they possess other indications.

psychotherapy for the treatment of panic attacks

to treat panic attacks psychotherapy are most commonly used variety of relaxation exercises to study disorders arising in the thinking process.When panic attacks effectively use cognitive-behavioral therapy, involving a short-term course of treatment.

treat panic attacks with the regime

on panic attacks is greatly influenced by the regime of the day, physical activity and nutrition.When activated, these indicators back to normal, you can alleviate and even reduce the amount of panic attacks without intervention with medication.Treating panic attacks with the help of the regime implies:

  • presence full of sleep, lasting at least 8 hours per day;
  • providing regular nutrition at the same time;
  • committed long walks outdoors;
  • perform morning exercises or making an evening stroll;
  • renunciation of the use of stimulants in the form of coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, B vitamins, smoking;
  • exception of horror movies.

Alternative treatment of panic attacks

Under Alternative treatment of panic attacks meant:

  • use of homeopathy, through which eliminates the symptoms of the disease, people will always get rid of panic attacks.In this case, strict compliance with all recommendations of the homeopath;
  • use of hypnosis, which suggests that the main cause is eliminated, causing a state of panic.Hypnology apply different methods, the choice of which is based on individual approach, as panic attacks occur for different reasons.In carrying out this treatment takes into account the opinion of the patient.

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