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Spinal cord trauma

spinal cord, as well as the brain, relates to the central nervous system.The spinal cord is like a continuation of the brain, it is located in the spinal canal, formed by arches and vertebral bodies.But the spinal cord is not completely fills the spinal canal.He continues to vtorogo- the third lumbar vertebra, and its length is an average of 45 centimeters.Outside cord consists of white matter in - gray.The spinal cord is divided into cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury

spinal cord injury there is a strong pain in the back, head or neck, numbness or tingling in the feet, fingers and hands, unusual swelling on the back or in the head.It is also noted the absence of a full or partial control over a particular part of the body, shortness of breath, a feeling of pressure in the chest, difficulty walking and coordination, acute urinary or delay the rectum and bladder.

reasons for spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injury usually occurs because of injuries.Despite the fac

t that the spinal cord is located in a fairly sturdy frame, which is the spine, by mechanical action, it is often damaged.The spinal cord suffers from fracture-dislocations (dislocation combined with fractures of the vertebral bodies), with fractures of the arcs of the vertebrae with spikes, with ruptured disc ligaments of the spine, and others.

diagnosis of spinal cord injury

Diagnosis of spinal cord injuries in the first place, start withdetailed and thorough history and then assesses the patient's neurological status.

Based on these syndromes may quite accurately localize lesions and their exemplary character.Additionally

also conducted a survey to help visualize the bleeding, the field of spinal cord injury, fragments of the spine, which can damage the spinal cord.

reveal displacement of the vertebrae and fractures space allows radiography.With the help of computer tomography can be layered to examine the spinal cord and surrounding tissue.To diagnose a spinal cord injury can also MRI.

treatment of spinal cord injuries

In the treatment of spinal cord injury the first thing that should be done is to eliminate the effect of hazards that threaten the state of the spinal cord.To this end, a spine immobilization, it is sometimes necessary traction.This procedure results in the spinal vertebrae to their normal position, which eliminates compression of the spinal cord.Remove foreign bodies and fragments of bones.It is also taking steps to eliminate spastic, and other pain syndromes, which are usually accompanied by spinal cord injury.To relieve his bladder catheterization is performed.Care should be taken so that the patient did not appear sores and to prevent their formation, as well as to give the body the correct position.

consequences of spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury - a very serious disease in which a person is bedridden.Spinal cord injury can occur in various areas.If the spinal cord is damaged at the level of the cervical vertebrae, it is below the injury lost sensitivity comes paresis of limbs, breathing upset.

At damage thickening of the cervical spinal cord occur central and peripheral paralysis of the arms, with the injury occurs in the thoracic central paralysis of the legs.With the defeat of the spinal cord in the spinal thickening is the development of paresis of the legs.

With all the injuries of the spine is lost sensitivity below the injury site and disrupted the function of the pelvic organs.

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