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Treatment of ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease.They affected the mucosa of the colon, the disease is accompanied by her inflammation, the formation of edema and ulcers.Ulcerative colitis may occur due to the influence of infections, toxic effects, genetic and immunological factors, changes in the intestinal microflora.Sometimes it may affect the overall weak state of health.Treatment of ulcerative colitis is a diet, medication.Perhaps the treatment of the disease using folk remedies.

diet for ulcerative colitis

When ulcerative colitis is essential dietary organization.Diet ulcerative colitis is to use a mechanically and chemically benign products, wherein the diet must be complete in order to make up for the lost nutrients with diarrhea and promote restoration of the intestinal mucosa.Food should be rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus, easily digestible fats, vitamins, taken fractionally, from 5 to 8 times per day.

In case of diarrhea in ulcerative colitis is necessary to include in the diet taninosoderzh

aschih products: strong tea, wild cherry, blueberry, cocoa, cooked in water, wine (Cahors) and mucous warm dishes (soups, cereals, jelly).Useful powered steam second dishes (meat balls, quenelles, souffle, mashed potatoes, etc.), Boiled lean fish, stale white bread.It is useful to use the eggs - 1-2 per day (in the form of steam omelets, puddings, casseroles, etc.).It is useful to include in the diet of mashed sweet apples.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis drugs

The basis of the treatment of ulcerative colitis drugs is the patient's condition.Drug therapy has a fairly large spectrum.Any course of treatment, in particular, bears a complex character, it should be carried out after a detailed examination, which includes laboratory testing, rektoromanoskopich sometimes - irigoskopiya.

the treatment of ulcerative colitis can be used painkillers, antibacterial, enveloping, enzyme drugs.

All drugs used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis circuits conventionally divided into two groups: the first are combined and basic antiinflammatory drugs include aminosalicylates.Other drugs play a supporting role in the therapy or are clinically studied.

The most effective anti-inflammatory agents used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis include steroid hormones.If ulcerative colitis is severe or there is heavy attack of chronic forms of the disease, the treatment starts with the intravenous administration of prednisolone at least 120 mg / day for 4-6 treatments.At the same time the correction of fluid and electrolyte disorders, blood and blood is introduced and where possible carried hemosorbtion to quickly eliminate endotoxemia.

in ulcerative colitis in the complex therapeutic measures are important sedatives, acupuncture, psychotherapy, physical therapy.Spa treatment is carried out in local health centers and spas.

the treatment of ulcerative colitis, it is important to give up bad habits that will help reduce the duration of treatment of at least 2 times.

treatment of ulcerative colitis with the help of folk remedies

Ulcerative colitis can be treated with the help of folk remedies, including effective are enema from ulcerative colitis, the use Shostakovskiy balm, geranium infusion, mummy.

To prepare an enema is necessary in an enamel pot to brew 1 tablespoonDrug chamomile or St. John's wort in 500 ml of boiling water, cover, blanket wrap and let stand for 1 hour.Allow to cool to room temperature, strain and do an enema.Then you need to perform micro enema, which uses a 100 ml syringe with a catheter.The syringe need to dial 50 mL of sea buckthorn oil and enter into the rectum, lying on his left side.It is necessary that the oil is in the rectum enough time.

In case of severe acute disease enema should be done every day for 20-30-day, then at improving the well-being through the day.In order to prevent an enema should be done every six months.

can do microclysters with rosehip oil or sea buckthorn.These enemas are performed before the night's sleep, then you should try to go to sleep until the morning.It is recommended to take 1 tablespoonsea ​​buckthorn oil one hour before meals.

for the treatment of ulcerative colitis using Shostakovskiy balm to mix 50 ml balm and 1 tbspsea ​​buckthorn oil.Take every morning on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meals.For the first time such a medicine to be taken in the evening.

To prepare geraniums need to pour 2 teaspoons2 tablespoons herb.of cold water and insist night.Infusion taken every 2 hours 1 tablespoon

for the treatment of ulcerative colitis by a mummy must be in 1/3 of a cup of water to dissolve 1 piece of mummy and making the resulting solution enema on the night.Continue treatment for 10 days and then make a break for 7 days, repeat the course, and then make a break for 2 weeks and treated again.

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