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Treatment of alveolitis wells

Under alveolitis understood inflammation of the walls of the hole that occurs after a tooth has been removed.In most cases, the development of infection disease promotes clot in that well.Treatment of alveolitis wells can be carried out using medicines or folk remedies.Treatment involves cleaning out the affected wells were then placed into the wound drugs that prevent recurrence of inflammation and promote rapid healing.

Medication alveolitis

When medication alveolitis procedure is that the inflamed hole is treated with special drugs.
first part of the drugs used to prepare well to conduct further drug exposure, and the second part - to directly carry out the healing and the elimination of the inflammatory process.Replace therapeutic drugs should be two times per week, and complete their application only after painful attacks and other unpleasant sensations that occur in the affected area will be lost.These signs show that the inflammation is removed.As

flushing agent can be used any saline soluti

on or an antiseptic.The drug is applied to the gauze bandage, which is put on the patient well.

If the treated area is not a blood clot, it is recommended for the treatment of alveolitis performing procedures in the form of salt baths, thanks to which the oral cavity is disinfected, and improves blood flow, which is the best environment to recover well.

alveolitis physician Treatment begins with the fact that the wells were washed and treated with antiseptics, and then it is cleaned from the remnants of a blood clot.This procedure uses a surgical curette then wound to dry using a gauze swab handle antiseptic and antibacterial agents.The wound is covered with a bandage, which is essential for the protection of the exposed surface from the effects of mechanical, biological, or chemical irritants.

With the progression of the process, in spite of the procedures performed after antiseptic swabs are introduced into the hole, made of gauze impregnated with propolis tincture or solution kamvorofenola (10%).Good antibacterial effect has tetracycline-prednisolone cone, which is introduced into the well.After local anesthesia the wound is treated, for which the tooth of the wells with a syringe jet of warm antiseptic solution washed particles disintegrated blood clot, food, saliva.Then, using a sharp surgical spoon, carefully removed her from the decomposed remains of a blood clot, granulation tissue, broken teeth, bones.The wells were then treated again with an antiseptic solution, gauze and dried rose bandage made of a narrow strip of gauze and soaked yodoformnoy fluid or injected anesthetic and antiseptic dressing.

People's treatment of alveolitis

folk medicine for the treatment of alveolitis recommended rinse sore places in the mouth with the help of infusions prepared from herbs: sage, chamomile and calendula flowers.These herbs possess characteristic anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties.

Among the recipes of traditional medicine effective treatment of alveolitis is the use of a mixture of flax seed, knikusa blessed, grass Ajuga reptans, cornflower blue flowers, oregano, sunflower petals (not older than 1 year).All the ingredients you need to grind and mix.Take 1 tbspmixture, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 1 hour to a mixture of the present.Then strain and use four times a day for 150 ml.In such a solution can make inhalation.

For an infusion of sage need 1 tbspdried herb pour 1 tbsp.boiling water, after which the agent let stand for one hour or more, while it is necessary to wrap something warm and then carefully drain.Rinse your mouth every hour during the day.

To prepare infusion of chamomile, to pour 1 tbspherbs 1 tbsp.boiling water, then let stand for 30-60 minutes infusion is well Wrapping dishes.Before rinsing the mouth infusion should drain.

For an infusion of marigold flowers to pour 1 tbspplant flowers 1 tbsp.boiling water and stand for 30 minutes or more.Rinse your mouth every hour during the day.

can make small wads of gauze and additionally make lotions to the disappearance of symptoms.In the absence of permitted use herbs tinctures of calendula, chamomile or sage, bought at the pharmacy, as well as other antiseptics.

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