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Liver cancer - a malignant tumor

Liver cancer is a fairly common form of malignant tumors, and its origin to date, has not yet solved.Every year 300 - 600 thousand people in the world are diagnosed with this deadly disease.

Liver cancer manifests itself in two forms, the most common of which is a secondary or metastatic cancer.It manifests itself as malignant tumors (metastatic) fed to the liver from other affected organs.

The second form of the so-called primary liver cancer, is a fairly rare condition and is manifested in the form of a whitish solid education, they can be both multiple and single.This type of cancer occurs in 40 times less than the secondary.Interestingly, the primary cancer is most common among residents of the Philippines, South Africa, China and India.

risk group often consists of people who are in the age group 50 - 65 years, among them men four times more than women.

Symptoms of liver cancer

first stage of cancer is characterized by malaise, the disease manifests itself dyspeptic disorders such as vomiting

, loss of appetite and nausea, and can also manifest as fever, anemia, weight loss and weakness.In addition, patients feel heaviness in the right hypochondrium and aching dull pain.

After just a few weeks have seen an increase in the liver, it becomes lumpy.Half of the patients are usually detectable tumor in the liver, and then become visible symptoms of hepatic failure and jaundice.Sometimes patients detected intrauterine bleeding, as well as a variety of endocrine disorders.

vast majority of malignant liver tumors metastatic constitute education.I must say that the liver - the body, most often subjected to the emergence of metastatic cancer, so it is important not to ignore the appearance of the first symptoms of cancer of the liver and in the shortest possible time to be examined.

diagnosis of liver cancer

First of all, the preliminary diagnosis is made based on the results of the initial examination of the patient and his complaints, as well as the results of some laboratory tests.

In modern medicine for the diagnosis of liver cancer using ultrasound, because of its easy accessibility, as well as the possibility of thorough inspection authority for nodules.Moreover, ultrasound allows for aiming percutaneous puncture, due to which it becomes possible to more accurately determine the nature of the disease and to distinguish it from similar symptoms of disease.

Sometimes the diagnosis of liver cancer have to resort to computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.It is also not uncommon for the use of X-rays of the abdominal cavity, in which the abdominal cavity air is introduced, which allows to identify the bumpy surface of the liver and its increased size.

diagnosis of liver cancer at an early stage significantly increases the chances of its successful treatment, so when the first symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Treatment of liver cancer

Today, even the early diagnosis of liver cancer patients does not ensure full recovery, usually such patients are considered incurable, and treatment is prescribed symptomatic.In the presence of isolated small knots doctors resorted to liver resection, that is, their surgical removal.It is important to note that the operation is carried out only if struck by one lobe of the liver, and only if there are no signs of a fully extrahepatic metastases, if any are detected, patients are exposed only symptomatic treatment.However, even after the operation the average life expectancy of patients is only 3 years old.

best results ensure the introduction of chemotherapy drugs directly into the hepatic artery and umbilical vein.Radiation therapy is mostly not give a significant effect, therefore conducted after surgery.At the moment, the best solution is considered to be the treatment itself is not cancer of the liver and its transplantation.

prevention of liver cancer

For the prevention of liver cancer is to follow a healthy lifestyle and to limit the use of alcohol, to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, as well as not to use anabolic steroids, unless there is a specific medical indication.When the categories of chemicals that increase the risk of liver cancer, is to pay particular attention to safety.

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