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Spring beriberi - how to prevent and cure ?

Vitamins are essential for normal human activity.If they lack is a violation of various metabolic processes, causing beriberi.There are many causes of vitamin deficiency: it can be a variety of diseases, harmful effects, nervous and physical strain, seasonal influences and nutrition, etc.The most common issue is not as such deficiency diseases and deficiency states where there is a high level of lack of vitamins.Spring beriberi - both preventable and curable?

Prevention spring beriberi

When obvious signs of vitamin deficiency are advised to consult a doctor to be assigned to the appropriate treatment.To strengthen prevention, you can start taking a complex of vitamins and minerals that should be age-appropriate.To prevent the spring of beriberi is necessary to provide a varied diet, increasing physical activity and the addition of positive emotions.Redemption irritability helps perform breathing exercises, which you need to sit in a chair and be given 15 minutes to breathe, which is carried out in a

special rhythm, and each phase lasts for 5 seconds.We need to breathe slowly and deeply, then exhale very slowly.By performing this exercise, you will be able to get rid of headaches, irritability, pressure surges.After doing the exercises recommended rest for a couple of minutes, then you can move on to the activity.

As for the diet, in the spring it should be rich products that contain a large number of trace elements and vitamins.It is necessary to ensure a sufficient diet of animal protein.

to prevent beriberi, you can use the gifts of nature, and to include in the diet of their food:

  • dried fruits, rich in vitamins and mineral elements;
  • raw beets and sea kale, which are sources of iodine;
  • celery root, which contains large amounts of iron and potassium;
  • rose, rich in vitamins, essential oils, citric and malic acid, carotene, vitamin C;
  • mountain ash containing a large amount of carotene, B vitamins

In the cold season should guard against the temptation to go for food, pasta, rice, meat products and baking.In the spring should provide your body with natural nutrients, fiber, minerals.Should eat grains, vegetables, herbs, fruits and seafood.This time of year is preferable to use frozen fruit instead of fresh because thanks to quick-frozen products in for a long time retained a large amount of vitamins and when stored in warehouses healing juices can not save for the coming of the spring constant composition.

large reserve of vitamins different home-made: pickles, jams, dried or frozen berries, fruit and vegetable juices.Be aware of the need for daily intake of vitamins in the human body, because you can not build their future use.

Treatment spring beriberi

When certain signs of spring beriberi, it is necessary to begin treatment, which is based on balancing the diet:

  • should give preference to products that are subjected to industrial processing and refining the least.These products include brown rice, unrefined vegetable oils, whole cheese, whole wheat products, meat and poultry;
  • ensuring diet diversity, rejection of the use of the same meals more than 2-3 times a week;
  • heat treatment products should minimally affect their nutritional value.This means that the fish and vegetables should be cooked by steaming or under the grill for the minimum necessary time, oil can not overheat;
  • eat more raw vegetables and fruits;
  • of domestic preparations should be preferred pickled vegetables, as they contain more vitamins than pickled vegetables, since natural fermentation;
  • limit harmful habits, such as excessive consumption of sweets, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages.

If compliance with all of the above recommendations for 2-3 weeks is not marked improvement, it is necessary to take a blood test for vitamin content, and then start receiving the necessary targeted drugs.If you use vitamin complex does not produce results, you need a combination of treatments and the search for beriberi chronic diseases that interfere with the absorption of vitamins.

Also, do not forget about the benefits of charging, contrast showers, moderate physical activity than the well-toned body, normalizes sleep, and that helps combat fatigue.