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Nail Fungus Onychomycosis : photo , treatment

nail fungus, onychomycosis - is infectious disease caused by pathogenic fungi, which is transmitted from one person to another.In the occurrence of fungal diseases very important role played by a metabolic disorder associated with endocrine disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disease and adrenal glands, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract that are accompanied by changes in the digestive process.

onychomycosis, or nail fungus in the family is often transmitted through the common shoes, and sometimes through other subjects.You can get infected with onychomycosis and in public places: swimming pools, sports and gyms, showers, baths.

Onychomycosis toenails Nail fungus infection is a very viable and can over time damage all parts of the nail and destroy it.Then, the disease spread to other areas of the skin and nails.Nail fungus can also infect other parts of the body.Even if all the centers of onychomycosis will be cured, one discreet source of infection on the nails will lead to re-infection.

Symptoms of nail fungus

main external signs of onychomycosis are seals and discoloration of the nail, and further their crumbling and destruction.Nails are white, gray, yellow, brown, green, or sometimes even black, while the nail plate becomes turbid as between the base plate and the nail are fungi.Seal the nails occurs due to increased keratinization of the nail bed, which is a reaction to the introduction of the fungus.Over time, the nail horny masses grow and interfere with effective treatment.

Onychomycosis is a fungus on his hands If nail fungus is not treated, over time it is implemented in the entire thickness of the nail plate, leading to its stratification.Destruction and thickening of the nail plate from the free edge takes place simultaneously.In the event of external changes of nails, onychomycosis caused by the need to carry out laboratory testing pieces of nail or skin flakes.

treatment of onychomycosis

Recently nail fungus treated complex therapeutic compositions and removal of the nail plate.However, the treatment compositions, which include sulfur, vinegar, iodine, dyes (brilliant green, blue) and acid (lactic acid, salicylic) takes a year or even more.As for the removal of the nail plate, it is often the new nail grew since the fungus.Currently, surgery is the treatment of nail fungus is appointed only in some cases of severe onihominoza.

Modern antifungals much impact.They kill the fungus and improve the condition of the nail.Today, the effectiveness of the treatment of nail fungus depends on several important factors:

  • extent of the disease,
  • correct choice of drug,
  • adherence to treatment (in some cases quite long),
  • compliance with all the necessary precautions in the future.

There are three kinds of drugs for the treatment of nail fungus - local (plasters and paints with peeling effect), drugs taken orally (tablets, capsules), and a combination of drugs.

Antifungal varnish applied to the affected nails once or twice a week.In the treatment of severe forms of onihominoza exterior combined with taking tablets or capsules.The combination preparations antifungal ingredients are combined with substance softening horny education that allows you to fight with the sealing polish.For this purpose, also apply to the device hardware processing nails, which are modified with a drill nail cutters.Modern antifungal drugs are not only able to actively influence the development of the fungus and prevent athlete's foot, but also for a long time kept in the nails, which reduces the duration of treatment.

After the treatment of nail fungus need to disinfect everything that fungus is in contact: shoes, linen, nail care, and skin, as well as walls and floors in the bathroom and shower room.Do not forget the extraordinary vitality of nail fungus in the environment and its rapidly developing resistance to substances that are part of the main antifungal drugs.If there is reinfection or treatment was brought to an end, the use of previous drug will be ineffective.In this case it is necessary to choose the means with a completely different mechanism of action.