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The swelling of the spinal cord : causes, symptoms and treatment

spinal cord tumors can be primary or secondary.Primary - formed from the cells of the spinal cord, secondary - is the metastasis of cancer of another organ.

As the tumor site is intramedullary spinal cord - is located within the substance of the spinal cord;and extramedullary - is outside the matter.By arrangement with respect to the spinal cord membranes extramedullary tumors are divided into subdural - under a hard shell;extradural and - between the dura and the vertebrae.

in cell composition distinguish astrocytoma, neuromas, meningiomas, ependiomy.

spinal cord tumors can be benign - has clear boundaries and malignant - grow into the surrounding tissue, destroying it.Cancer is also called - a cancer of the spinal cord.

causes of spinal tumors

Unfortunately, at the moment, the cause of the swelling of the spinal cord have not been established.The new findings suggest that science has not yet been reached and the threshold of knowledge about the possible causes of the pathogenesis and the etiolog

ical factors.

However, modern science knows some risk factors, which may develop in the spinal cord tumor.Risk factors include:

  • exposure to carcinogenic substances;
  • lymphoma of the spinal cord;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • disease von Hippel - Landau;
  • neurofibromatosis type II.

symptoms of spinal tumors

Almost all tumors of the spinal cord has the same symptom - pain in the spine, often pointing to the location of the tumor.The peculiarity of the pain of this type of pathology is that it can be amplified in a state of rest, especially during the night.

Further symptoms depend largely on whether the segment in which the spinal cord is a tumor.Each department of the spinal cord responsible for the activities of the various parts of the body.With the growth of the tumor, it starts to pressure on the nerve roots, causing pain, numbness, weakness, violation of sensitivity - paresthesia.Sometimes there are signs of impaired motor activity - paresis, paralysis.

As the developing spinal cord tumor, growing symptoms.In cases of malignant course (cancer of the spinal cord) deteriorating general condition of the person, there is no appetite, obvious weakness, weight loss, sleep disturbance.This condition is associated with the decay products, trapped in the blood.

How to diagnose a tumor of the spinal cord

doctor suspected in patient tumor of the spinal cord, for accurate diagnosis will send additional research methods.The most modern and best practices survey today is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).It is also possible examination of CT - computed tomography.Radiographic examination is unable to establish a tumor of the spinal cord, since they are only visible bone changes.

In establishing the existence of a tumor with the help of these types of studies will need to determine the nature of the cells involved and malignant course.To do this with a thin long needle is taken from a tumor biopsy.

treatment of tumors of the spinal cord

only radical method of treatment of spinal tumors is complete surgical removal of her.

also used for the treatment of radiation therapy.It is often used in combination with surgical treatment.Self-employed in radiotherapy for inoperable cases to prolong the patient's life and suffering.

Chemotherapy for cancer of the brain spin rarely used, mainly for the additional treatment of inoperable malignant tumor within.


favorable prognosis usually depends on the treated early.Benign and some malignant tumors of the spinal cord respond well to surgery.Modern technology has expanded the indications for surgical removal of tumors of the spinal cord.

advanced stage and inoperable tumors lead to disability and a short life.Only 8-30% of patients with advanced stage malignant course of the disease managed to survive for more than 4 years.And their quality of life is poor.So once again we ask everyone to be on the alert and not let the disease take over.

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