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How to increase growth?

one think that they are too low, the other - that is too high.Everyone has their desires with respect to itself and, in particular, to its growth.Decreasing growth is impossible, but it is quite possible to increase and for this there is a lot of different ways.This can be a special physical education activity, the use of chemicals, surgical intervention.How to increase growth, a person decides for himself.

How to increase growth by exercise

The basis exercise to increase growth is strengthening and stretching the spine.This is facilitated by hovering on the bar, which is necessary to cling to the bar, relax and hang out.Gradually, you can start adding weight on the legs and increase it.But keep in mind that hover on the bar for a few hours a day and even with the weights plus quite dangerous because of the loads of the spine may, on the contrary, zakostenet.This means that the density of the intervertebral disc becomes larger, and they will not be able to stretch and flexibility.

Here are a few options for how to increase growth by exercise:

  • to stretch the upper spine is necessary to bend and straighten his shoulders, pull the breast chin, followed by the shoulders, bend forward, then bend back, as if imitating pulling indifferent sides of the bow.Each position must be maintained muscle tension for 6-8 seconds.Exercise is performed in each direction for 18-20 times;
  • stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart, hands positioned at the seams.Alternately lean left and right, fingers reaching for your feet, if it turns out to lean even further - it below.In each side of the exercise is performed 18-20 times;
  • rising on polumostik, which you need to sit on the floor, the back should be perfectly smooth.Do tilts forward, trying to stretch his nose in his own belly, and then lean back and stretch the occiput to the coccyx.The slope should be delayed for 6-8 seconds.Repeat 10-12 times;
  • execution of turns that can be done sitting or standing.Head and back should be on a flat line.Turn the need fully to the left and 4-5 to perform swinging in the same direction, as if you are trying to increase the angle of rotation.Then make turns in the opposite direction.Repeat the exercise 16-20 each way.

addition of physical activity should be engaged in self-suggestion.What is important is the mood for a positive result.

Increase growth using hormones

A number of drugs related to hormonal aimed at to increase growth.The method of increasing the growth using hormones for people with growth hormone deficiency.Medication should be initiated after a doctor agreed upon the duration and intensity of the course.Professionals need to be assigned to surrender analyzes the concentration of somatomedin C and some other indicators, including a survey on the open bone growth zones.Using hormones can be in the first two years of treatment to enhance the growth of 10-12 cm. The duration of the course can be increased if necessary, but it should be borne in mind that in this case all growing bone tissue.

Increased growth through growth vitamins

to increase growth may be used vitamins.The process of formation of growth hormone promotes reception 2 Vitamins C and E, and their regular use of growth hormone increases the concentration of 20-25%.In addition to these vitamins can be taken niacin.

as an additional stimulating hormone growth, acts somatomedin concentration which can be enhanced by zinc supplementation.But the products of its content is very small, and therefore must be purchased at the pharmacy mineral chemically prepared and adopted according to the instructions that came with the drug.

Increased growth through surgery

At the heart of our growth is the length of the spine and legs.Providing any effect on the spine is very risky, and therefore the increase in the length of the surgery offers the bones on their feet.The procedure for increasing growth through surgery is a long and rather painful.On the feet, it is different turn, as this bone break, after which it is sealed using a special apparatus, which cause bone to stretch.Pulling bones by this method will take about 1-1.5 years, during which the man chained to the couch.Lengthening bone via surgical intervention is possible on the 50 cm.

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