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Zinc deficiency in the body ( zinc deficiency )

In humans, zinc performs many important functions: it provides nucleic acid metabolism, promotes the synthesis of proteins, supports the body's resistance to the effects of infections and viruses, is involved in the process of growth, sexual maturation, and dozens of other enzymatic reactions.

Zinc is a component of cell receptors, proteins and biological membranes of cells.Without it as the formation of erythrocytes and other blood elements.Zinc - is an antioxidant by its amount in the body depends on the level of hormones such as growth hormone, corticotropin, gonadotropin and insulin.

the human body a day must be about fifteen milligrams of zinc.However, a diet with a high level of calcium reduces the absorption of zinc and caffeine and alcohol removes it from the body.

With low immunity, influenza epidemics, susceptibility to colds body requires additional intake of zinc, and special preparations can provide it.

pediatric formulations of zinc used in the school and pre-school age with a delay of

cognitive and psychological development.

Signs of zinc deficiency

With the shortage in the body of zinc occur:

  • frequent stomatitis,
  • skin problems,
  • deterioration of the sense of smell,
  • bad zazhivlyaemost wounds,
  • susceptibility to flu and colds,
  • increasedfatigue,
  • poor vision at night,
  • loss of appetite.

appears dandruff, hair loss, white spots on the nails, brittle nails and hair.

Zinc deficiency in the body

With zinc deficiency there are many diseases, disorders, and disorders.There is a delay or even stop the growth and malformation of the skin.The skin becomes dry and vulnerable, rash, sores, eczema.Hair from zinc deficiency early in the fall, and nails are made susceptible to various diseases, including fungal.It is also affected and the brain, broken hearing, sight and taste perception, exacerbated the symptoms of schizophrenia and epilepsy, there are mental and nervous disorders, depression, and confusion.

Zinc deficiency leads to a deterioration of the blood - less live red blood cells, which results in bleeding disorder and the emergence of anemia.Reduced levels of immune cells lymphocytes, because of what reduces the body's immunity.

due to a lack of zinc in the body

Zinc deficiency may be caused by some cancer, drugs, thyroid dysfunction, poor diet and other factors.

The body metabolizes only half or even one third of the incoming zinc, and most of it is rapidly cleared from the influence of various factors: bad habits, stress, stress, disease, etc.

zinc deficiency is often associated with kidney disease, goiter, lack of protein, and an overdose of an organism other elements such as selenium and calcium.Zinc deficiency can also occur with frequent use of alcoholic beverages and taking large amounts of vitamin B6.

How to compensate for a deficiency of zinc?

Today in pharmacies can buy soluble effervescent tablets "zinc", not irritate the stomach.With a shortage of zinc should take two tablets dissolved in a glass of water.In order to prevent you need for a month to take one pill "zincite."

course, be much better if the zinc in the body comes from food, because they do not all absorbed by preparations with zinc, in some people it causes an upset stomach.

Zinc is best absorbed together with vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus, but an overdose of any element immediately imbalance in the body.

Therefore a balanced and proper diet with natural and fresh products - the best way to produce zinc.

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