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A - beriberi - a lack of vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency is a pathological condition that occurs due to deficiency of this vitamin in the body.The main manifestation of A - vitamin deficiency is loss of vision, particularly in the form of night blindness ("night blindness"), conjunctivitis, xerophthalmia, hyperkeratosis of skin.For A - beriberi is characterized by a tendency to occurrence of intestinal diseases and respiratory tract.Vitamin A has a great importance for the normal development of the body of the child.They ensured the functioning of the eyes, increased immunity.

Symptoms A - beriberi

Due to the fact that vitamin A is important in the work of the organs of sight, when his lack of first symptom of beriberi is the deterioration of the eye.There may be a "night blindness," in which a man in the twilight sees much worse, may cause dryness of mucous membranes, reluctant to rub your eyes the appearance of discomfort, you may experience cramps in the eyes of the world, burning under the eyelids, small ulcers on the mucous membra

nes of the eyes.Treatment "night blindness" is possible by using dishes made from half-baked liver.The juice of the liver is the richest source of vitamin A. For a man it is important to vitamin A intake from sources that are of animal origin (retinol) and providing carotene, or provitamin A from plant sources.

In addition, symptoms of A - vitamin deficiency is a condition of the skin, which becomes dry, flaky, maybe inflammation of hair follicles, the appearance of fine naryvchikov.Dry skin is one of the first indicators of a lack of vitamin A in the body, ie,Any disease affecting skin structures indicate that the diet is necessary to introduce foods rich in vitamin A. At the hips and elbows may appear "goose bumps."Under the skin structure refers to dry mucous membranes, atrophy potovydelitelnyh glands, iediseases that have a connection with a disorder of the airways.Vitaminology Many believe that in some cases may even cure psoriasis increasing doses of vitamin A.

In the case of a lack of vitamin A in a child his development will be worse weight gain and growth will be slower, may cause disorders of the nervous system.With a lack of vitamin A also suffers immunity.

Causes A -

beriberi because of a lack of vitamin A may be a violation of the absorption of the vitamin in the intestine in the presence of his chronic disease, celiac disease, diseases of the pancreas and liver, iron deficiency anemia, as well as in the case of prolonged use of mineral oil.If the food in the human body receives a small amount of fat, it is also noted reduced absorption of vitamin A.

Causes A - vitamin deficiency can also be excessive loss of his body.It noted an increase in the excretion of vitamin A in diseases of the urinary tract, cancer and chronic infectious diseases.When a person consumes a small amount of protein, this results in a lack of transfer protein, thereby reducing the plasma levels of the vitamin.

A - vitamin deficiency occurs when:

  • prolonged lack of dietary retinol, which often occurs in the spring and winter;
  • unbalanced diet.If the diet lacks protein, it can cause a breach of assimilation of retinol, a violation of the transition carotene into vitamin A. But the prolonged excess protein also had a negative impact on the exchange of retinol.If enough fat in the diet, this decreases the absorption of vitamin A in the intestine.The development of A - beriberi affects simultaneous shortage of vitamin E;
  • increase the body's need for retinol in the absence of corresponding changes in the diet (breast-feeding, pregnancy, etc.);
  • diseases of liver, pancreas, biliary tract, colon, which violates the absorption and assimilation of vitamin A and carotene.If there are different types of infection is marked increase in consumption of retinol.