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Avitaminosis on hand : Picture , Symptoms and Treatment

Under beriberi meant a painful condition of the body, caused by lack of vitamins and nutrients.In the human diet in the winter there is a small amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, the diet becomes monotonous, in connection with which a person begins to feel worse.On top of that often people seeking to lose weight through diet, which also causes insufficient supply of the organism with necessary substances.Consider the symptoms and treatment of beriberi on hand, as well as familiarize with its manifestations in the photo.

Causes of beriberi on hand

Avitaminosis on hand photo to one of the most common causes of beriberi on hand is smoking or respect for different diets.Such categories of people recommended year-round use of vitamins, so that normal metabolism, updated and restored the cells in the body, improves health.But abuse is not desirable with large doses of vitamins that are sold in pharmacies.It is more logical to buy natural products that do not contain preservatives.The diet of every person, of course, be present f

resh fruits and vegetables, and if is not always possible to eat them raw, you should take advantage of the heat treatment or to prepare them for a couple.Avitaminosis on hand soon disappear if the diet include fish and meat in sufficient quantity, because these products contain substances that contribute to the fact that the cells of the skin rejuvenated.

Avitaminosis on hand appears in a case body severely lacking vitamins A and B. In this case, the skin on the hands begins to dry, cracks, dandruff on the head appears.In addition, the lack of vitamins A and B causes a weakening of the immune system, increasing the sensitivity of the tooth enamel.To avoid this, the diet be sure to include carrots, pumpkin, eggs, beef liver, spinach and peaches.The disease can also occur in the case if the person does not eat the required number of products that contain vitamin D. From such problems can be eliminated if you turn in your menu marine fish, cod liver oil and dairy products.Food should not be uniform, because the body needs, and other products.

symptoms of beriberi on hand

Avitaminosis on fingers Photo main symptoms of beriberi on hands are limp, dry, lifeless and pale skin.In this type of vitamin deficiency and hair suffer: they become brittle, dry and begin to fall.When brushing your teeth may cause bleeding gums.Because vitamin deficiency may appear in the hands of frequent colds, reduced immunity, a person may feel constantly tired and sleepy, irritable and nervous.

treatment at the hands of beriberi

In case of cracks in the hands of beriberi must be his treatment, which is to enrich their diet foods that contain vitamins A and E. These products, for example, include nuts, olive oil,herbs, fruits and vegetables orange.In addition, you can buy in a drugstore synthetic vitamins, but it is not recommended to abuse them, because the body is better ensure the necessary vitamins through natural food.The daily diet must include fruits and vegetables, are best consumed raw.If they require heat treatment, it is better to provide a steaming or baking in the oven.

the treatment of beriberi in the hands of the diet must include fish and meat products, which contain many substances that promote cell rejuvenation.In the case of the use of fish and meat in enough vitamin deficiency in the hands disappear in a short time.