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Symptoms and signs of beriberi

With the advent of spring, many of us start to feel not the best way: the skin turns pale, peeling and drying, the hair becomes brittle and dull.In addition, there is a weakness, malaise, drowsiness, irritability, aggravated chronic diseases.Under beriberi meant a painful condition that develops due to prolonged malnutrition when they are not provided by intake of vitamins needed by the body.Consider the signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

Signs of beriberi

Signs of beriberi include:

  • appearance feeling of general malaise;
  • bleeding gums, the appearance of swelling and bluish color of the acquisition.The appearance on the cheeks and tongue sores, wobbly teeth in the mouth with delicate enamel and a tendency to crumble.In addition, if the tongue swelled, covered with a touch or has changed color, it also points to the lack of vitamins;
  • reduced the body's resistance to infectious diseases;
  • peeling and dryness of the skin.Sometimes it can appear even rough scales scaly epidermis.If you are con
    stantly shelled or cracked lips, there is the sudden appearance of acne, cracks and sores in the corners of the mouth, should be wary.If there is an inflamed skin, large bruises or unusual reaction to clothing or jewelry that can all serve as evidence of a lack of vitamins;
  • foliation, brittle, dull nails.In addition, a lack of vitamins shows pallor of the nail plate, the appearance of stripes on it, dimples or stains;
  • hair loss, the sudden appearance of gray hair, dandruff, pimples and sores on the scalp or constant itching;
  • redness and eye tracking.Severe symptoms of vitamin deficiency is a reduction of vision.If eyelids were red and swollen, there remains a constant itch, there are discharge from the eyes, it may also indicate vitamin deficiency.Often, a lack of vitamins may indicate intolerance of glare, glare, double vision, and cataract.But if your eyes are constantly watering, inflamed eyelids, and the protein becomes reddish, it may be a sign of infection, as manifested beriberi so in the most severe cases of vitamin deficiency;
  • appearance of facial edema, swelling of the joints.The appearance of muscle pain, cramps and poor coordination of movement indicates a lack of vitamins;
  • change in body odor, taste preferences for food, perfumes and cosmetics.The occurrence of this reaction is possible because of the use of medicines for a long time, but if the drugs in this period were used, the reason for such change is likely is beriberi;
  • appearance of apathy, poor coordination, which is a reaction on the part of the nervous system to vitamin deficiency.A person can not concentrate, it appears insomnia, irritability, lack of energy;
  • digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, change in tastes, or a set of weight loss, increased blood cholesterol, nausea and violation of intestinal absorption of nutrients.Possible loss of the sense of smell, taste and appetite;
  • lack of sexual desire.

symptoms of vitamin deficiency in children

The main symptoms of vitamin deficiency in children include:

  • preservation throughout the day drowsiness;
  • difficult awakening in the morning.The child gets up with the feeling that he did not get enough sleep and rest;
  • appearance of fatigue, lethargy;
  • irritability, manifested without cause;
  • confusion, poor concentration.The child is not able to hold information for a long time in head;
  • depression;
  • decrease in immunity, as indicated by frequent colds;
  • deterioration of the skin (redness and the appearance of cracks in the corners of the mouth, excessive dryness of the skin).

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