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The smell of acetone breath in adults

When the smell of acetone breath adults must come to grips with their health, as it can be a sign of diabetes, ketoacidosis, liver disease, thyroid and other diseases.Furthermore, it can appear in the case of starvation or eating the food, in which a high content of fat and protein.In this case, acetone is a product of a defective protein and fat breakdown.

main cause of the smell of acetone breath adults

The main reasons for the appearance of his mouth in an adult smell of acetone is the presence of diabetes of the second type.The development of the disease almost always occurs against obesity.The cell membranes contain a large amount of lipids in the case of increasing the proportion of fat mass, there is a thickening of the cell walls and the loss of sensitivity to insulin.Often the cure for diabetes of the second type is sufficient diet, which provides low content of easily digestible carbohydrates, and weight reduction.The smell coming from the mouth of an adult, may appear when:

  • presence of anorexia nervosa;
  • tumor development processes;
  • presence of thyroid disease;
  • subject to strict diets until death.

Since acetone is a product of incomplete breakdown of fat and protein, in the case of prolonged use of adult food with a high content of these components and the low-carb, from the mouth may appear smell of acetone.In addition, it may originate from the skin and urine.

level of acetone may increase during fasting.When a man does not receive food, the brain sends commands that increase in blood cells and blood glucose.First, the glucose level is maintained within the normal value due to the fact that in the body there are certain stocks, for example, muscle glycogen and liver, which in the presence of specific conditions can develop into glucose.Glycogen stores nearly enough for a day, then the body has to use alternative sources of energy and nutrition provided by fats and proteins.With the breakdown of proteins is formed of acetone, which cause the appearance of breath.The level of acetone becomes higher than prolonged fasting, and smell - more clearly.

acetone odor from the mouth can be caused by the presence of thyroid diseases that are accompanied by an increase in the concentration of thyroid hormones, which activate the metabolism and increases the intensity of the breakdown of protein and fat.If you have kidney disease, namely in the case of renal insufficiency, which develops rapidly, due to lack of opportunities output of waste products of the body, from the mouth can cause unpleasant smell, but more often it is the smell of ammonia.

liver participates in all the metabolic processes of the body, and therefore in violation of its structure or reducing the functional capacity may cause major changes, including an increase in urine and blood concentrations of acetone.

Often the smell of acetone breath may occur in the case of a long course of infectious diseases due to a massive collapse of the protein, which is combined with dehydration, often appearing in the presence of certain infections, such as intestinal.Acetone in some cases, the body is an indispensable aid, but persistent increase in its concentration in the blood varies acid-alkaline balance, what is an extremely adverse effect on all metabolic processes.Operation of virtually all the enzyme systems occurs at a specific pH, and acetone is shifted to the acidic side.Sometimes the level of this substance is so high that may be created by the state, which is a danger to life.This most often happens in diabetes.

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