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Why sweat the feet?

The human body has the ability to release moisture, which ensures the maintenance of optimal body temperature.Sweat glands is performed to "thermostat."But many in the summer faced with hyperhidrosis, which is defined as excessive sweating feet.Why sweat the feet, sometimes emitting an unpleasant smell?What could be the reasons for this phenomenon?

Because of what the feet sweat

Sweating is a normal reaction to the very warm environment.With sweat cools the body.

for distribution reasons, because of which the feet are sweating include:

  • wearing tight shoes, warm unseasonably stocking-socks, in particular, made of synthetic materials;
  • ensure illiterate or lack of foot care;
  • transfer of excitement, stress;
  • eating pungent foods;
  • perform physical exercise, hard work of the muscles;
  • presence of skin diseases of the feet.For example, when a fungus skin around the toes and between the toes begins to crack, dry, there is intense itching in patients with areas, flaking.All of these symptoms are always
    accompanied by excessive sweating and odor.In case of ignoring the disease, it may request microbial eczema and spread throughout the body;
  • transfer of infectious diseases, endocrine diseases, malignant tumors, any pathologies of the central nervous system;
  • presence of hereditary predisposition;
  • presence of hypertension;
  • reception of medicines, because of which as a side effect possibly increased sweating;
  • presence of liver disease;
  • presence of thyroid disease;
  • poor circulation;
  • disruption of the functioning of sweat glands;
  • violation of the nervous system;
  • metabolic disorder.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis, often face colds, and fungal diseases.

If you notice increased sweating after eating pungent foods, stress, hot weather, after intense exercise, such a phenomenon is considered normal.To get rid of sweat should observe good personal hygiene.

Because of what the child's feet sweat

If a child less than a year old, there is no need to worry if you find that he sweat feet, because these kids are not very heat of the body is balanced.If you sweat a lot legs child age 1.5-2 years, then as a reason, because of what the child's feet sweat, can act the occurrence of another disease - rickets.It is important not to forget about the need for prevention antirachitic children aged up to 5 years, as during this period the baby is most vulnerable to the occurrence of such diseases.In addition, the cause of excessive sweating of the child may be having problems with the thyroid gland.Then the child should be checked by an endocrinologist.

not exclude the probability of transmission problems with sweating child inherited.With age may reduce sweating, but preferably from childhood to teach the kid to hardening and proper care of their feet.

How to reduce sweating of the feet

important tips on how to reduce sweating of the feet, is a regular wash them morning and evening.It is better to use for this natural soap, feet should be carefully wiped with a washcloth, as this area is prone to the accumulation of a large number of bacteria on their feet sweat.After washing the feet should be well dried, in particular, carefully wipe between the toes.It is important to delete unnecessary upside shelled layer of dead cells, getting rid of calluses, corns, growths.When washing the feet should not forget to use a pumice stone.