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Why is bleeding from the nose ?

Bleeding is the process of stepping beyond the blood vascular bed.In the case of blood flowing out into the external environment, called bleeding outside if they are impregnated fabric is its rupture in the body cavity, it is referred to as internal.In everyday life, people may often have to deal with the release of blood from the nose.Do not ignore it, as the reasons why the nose is bleeding quite a lot, and they are not always harmless.

Because of which the blood comes from the nose

Out of blood outside the blood vessels can occur:

  • in case of rupture or destruction of the vessel wall due to the presence of disease or injury;
  • if propotevanie blood through intact vessels, which can be observed in increased permeability of vascular walls or changes in the composition of blood.

first reason, due to which blood can go from the nose, a rise in blood pressure.In addition, common causes are lack of vitamin C, mucosal damage.Lack of vitamin C can be observed on the background of the disease, when th

e human body is weakened.Also, such a phenomenon may occur during menstruation in girls.For more serious causes include the presence of vegetative-vascular dystonia.When vegetative-vascular dystonia may first start headache, tinnitus appear, after which there is bleeding from the nose.Development of the disease contribute to the mental stress, high stress, stressful situations.In addition, it may be due to poor tolerance to extremes of weather.Because of drastic changes in temperature may increase or decrease in blood pressure, whereupon the mucous wall are loosened and it bursts.

other reasons, because of which the nose is bleeding, can be:

  • bleeding disorder that in most cases, has a connection with the violation of the activities forming organs and the liver.In this case, blood clots beyond that explained by the desire to close up the wound of platelets and bleeding resumed, and the resulting blood thickened particles are carried out;
  • presence of hereditary predisposition.In this case, you must take care of yourself and be aware of how you can manually stop the bleeding;
  • presence of diseases of the nasal cavity, which include allergic rhinitis, deviated septum.In this case, removal of the allergen or an operation;
  • presence in the nasal cavity cancer processes, which involve destruction of the blood vessels.When surveyed frequently found benign and malignant neoplasms.For benign tumors include papilloma, angioma, polyp, malignant - cancer and sarcomas.In this case, people noticed that the blood came from his nose at them repeatedly;
  • being under the open sun;
  • visit baths;
  • pregnancy;
  • transferring large physical exertion.

Because of what may be to bleed from the nose of the child

In most cases, bleeding from the nose of the child appears due to injury of blood vessels, which can be obtained in the case of inaccurate or nose cleansing shock.The reason, which is why there can be bleeding from the nose of the child may be the presence of habit picking your nose with your finger so that the mucosa may be damaged.Also, you can cause damage to the mucous toys and other foreign objects dropped into the nose.Children nosebleed can arise even when rubella, influenza, measles, SARS, as the vessels of a child is much more sensitive to the action of bacterial toxins, which explains the increased bleeding mucosa during infection.But do not lose sight of the fact that the bleeding from the nose of the child may be a signal indicating the presence of severe vascular disease, blood, heart or lungs, and therefore the appearance of repeated bleeding from the nose of the child should see a doctor.

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