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Consequences after microstroke

microstroke main risk is a change in blood vessels.Therefore microstroke it is seen as a harbinger of the expanded illness, sometimes leading to the emergence of irreversible effects on health and performance.Under microstroke mean cerebral blood flow, which occurs suddenly and which is characterized by the disappearance of the symptoms as soon as they arise, or within the first day.But after microstroke may remain some of the consequences.

effects after microstroke

main cause of irregularities in the mini-strokes is to have no connections in the vascular walls of small blood vessels due to atherosclerosis, hypertension, and others. As an immediate "trigger mechanism" can serve the emergence of sharp spasm of small blood vessels ora blood clot that prevents blood to the small section of the brain.If such things are right, it usually does not occur necrosis of brain cells, but noted a temporary breach of their functions, with the result that there are signs microstroke.In the event of a prolonged cons

ervation phenomena microstroke not excluded the risk of necrosis of individual neurons.The consequences of such necrosis depends on what the affected area and speed of care.

Therefore, to the extent possible to avoid consequences after microstroke, at the first sign you need to call the brigade "first aid".Medical services, first of all, should be to restore normal blood flow than prevents destruction of neurons surrounding the area of ​​necrosis, and restore function.

As a rule, mini-strokes do not have visible consequences.But quite often over the next 3 days after microstroke is the development of high-grade heavy ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.If symptoms persist microstroke for a long time or repetition microstroke due to violation of the delivery of blood to the neurons in the past may undergo some changes, in most cases, having the nature of the exchange.

manifestation of these changes possible in the form of occurrence of violations of memory, concentration and other higher brain functions.In addition, patients usually notice the development of personal change - they become more irritable, sometimes even aggressive, or, conversely, tearfulness.Thus, there is a progressive formation of vascular dementia by background disturbances occurring in the brain.On the consequences of this kind generally faced by older patients, carrying a plurality of minor strokes, and do not notice their symptoms.

Consequences microstroke adolescents and children

Since the age of occurrence of minor strokes considerably younger, due to an increased incidence of teenage and childhood obesity, diabetes and other endocrine disorders, decreased infant mortality rate of children after they have birth defects, the effects of minor strokes in adolescents and children- actual question.The emergence of minor strokes in newborns usually is the result of birth defects, including cervical spine injury when compressed vertebral arteries and congenital heart defects.If you do not treat a newborn who has had a minor stroke, it is possible to maintain the effects throughout their lives in a variety of disorders.After USC minor children often marked development hyperactivity and poor concentration, and the intellect is preserved.As a result of these violations are often a child in school is not very good student, he formed the teenage behavioral problems, manifested in different ways.

Teenagers and older children can suffer microstroke due to various anomalies in the structure of the brain vessels, congenital heart disease, vasculitis, obesity, diabetes.These mini-strokes have the consequences that may go unnoticed or affect the psychological development of adolescents, as well as their behavior.