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Stages of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most aggressive in their development of cancer, which can be formed from a single malignant cell.As with other cancers, it is divided in step depending on the degree of development.In order to determine the stage at which the disease is, carried out studies such as MRI, CT, X-rays, blood tests and endoscopic ultrasound examination.In addition, to clarify the diagnosis biopsy.In that case, if the detected melanoma or squamous cell skin cancer often requires examination adjacent lymph nodes for the presence of cancer cells in them.

must say that melanoma and basal and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin secrete different stages of disease development.

Thus, melanoma isolated zero stage, which is also called in situ, where there is only damage to the top layer of skin.In the first stage melanoma tumor size has not more than 2 mm, the surface can not be modified.In the second step swelling increases, the surface can mutate.Further, in the third step, cancer cells proliferate at a

djacent lymph nodes, affecting the surrounding tissue.And the fourth and final stage of the process of melanoma cancer cell proliferation in organs, the lymph nodes and other parts of the skin.Frequently melanoma affects the lungs, but in some cases the cancer cells reach the brain, liver and bone.

In the diagnosis of other types of skin cancer such as basal and squamous cell carcinoma, emit the same number of steps, starting with zero, that affects only the top layer of skin.

Skin Cancer initial stage 1

In medicine, skin cancer conditionally divided into five stages of development, one of which is zero.

Skin cancer at stage zero in the case of timely diagnosis respond well to treatment, because the cancer cells are located exclusively on the surface of the skin.Survival at 5 years for these patients is 100%.

With the development of cancers and lesions of the lower layers of a first stage of diagnosed skin cancer, in which the size of the malignant tumor can reach 2mm.Still the tumor does not tend to metastasize and is located locally.Cancer, which is still at this stage, with the timely and proper treatment it is curable.

Skin Cancer

stage 2 The second stage is a growing malignant neoplasm, which can reach the size of 4mm.At this stage, the cancer cells have not reached the lymph nodes, but, the patients may complain of pain in the tumors.

If timely diagnosis and therapy desired destination survival at 5 years of the patients with skin cancer in this step is 50%.

Skin Cancer 3

stage for the next phase of development of skin cancer characterized by lymph nodes, while in other organs of metastases has not yet seen.The obvious symptom is the appearance of the third stage of ulceration having a lumpy appearance and delivering a painful discomfort to the patient.In addition, patients may raise body temperature.Five-year survival rate in the third stage of skin cancer does not exceed 30%.

Skin Cancer

step 4 in case diagnose patients fourth stage of skin cancer, it means that the cancer has metastasized throughout the body, with the five year survival rate is less than 20%.The process of metastasis initially affects the lungs sick, and then the liver.For this stage is characterized by bleeding ulcers, as well as the inevitable intoxication.

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