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Signs and symptoms microstroke

microstroke is poor circulation in the brain.It differs from the stroke is that it only affects the small vessels of the brain, which is why there is a destruction of small areas of brain tissue and blood circulation of tissues, which are located near the affected area is restored.When adjourned microstroke most dangerous is that he has the ability to undetectable origin and many people that it moved, may not know about it.Let's understand what the signs and symptoms microstroke.

Signs and symptoms microstroke

Signs of stroke include:

  • occurrence of headaches;
  • appearance of vertigo;
  • numbness of the face and extremities;
  • incoordination;
  • a sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • violation of sensitivity.

addition, you may experience intolerance of bright light, loss of consciousness can occur in a very short time.Worse people often attributed to fatigue, and insidious than the disease.

microstroke often experienced by people of middle age 30-35 years due to increased sensitivity to geomagnetic stor

ms, atmospheric pressure variations, experiences stress and excessive exercise.Therefore, detection of multiple character of microstroke, you need to seek help from a medical facility.Treatment can be realized with minimal losses in its beginning not later than 6 hours after the onset of symptoms of the disease.At the same time almost completely restored the function of the brain.

to prevent health problems that can cause a mini stroke, recommended periodic passage of an MRI of the brain, allowing the initial stages to discover the smallest negative changes.If possible, it is also desirable to maintain a healthy lifestyle to minimize stressful situations and to allocate sufficient time to rest.

In developing mikroinslta usually in the foreground symptoms of the underlying disease, which can be expressed hypertensive crisis, low pressure, tachyarrhythmia or bradyarrhythmia, etc.Symptoms include feelings of microstroke weakness, drowsiness, stupor, general weakness.In the case of an intermediate cerebrovascular accidents have the full focal symptoms of stroke, the duration of which can be up to 24 hours.Microstroke often goes under the diagnosis of acute vascular encephalopathy, in which the point is suspected brain damage.

Symptoms microstroke have a direct link with those where the disease site.In the overall clinical picture may be a migraine attack, a sharp jump in pressure, severe dizziness.Additionally, you may experience irritation to bright light, all surrounding sounds, ringing in the ears.It may be single vomiting, facial asymmetry, a temporary loss of sensitivity.

Relapses microstroke not always possible to control and exacerbation of the disease can occur at a fairly strong emotional stress, a trivial change of weather conditions.Signs mikroinslta quite difficult to trace precisely becauseThey mostly occur in the first 2 hours, then perhaps their self-extinction.

All signs and symptoms microstroke are temporary, and in the case of proper medical approach finally recovered all the broken functions of an organism of the patient.