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Diagnosis of gastric cancer

Each year, approximately 800 thousand people in the world die from stomach cancer, while statistics show that the development of approximately 40% of malignant tumors of the body can be prevented.Upon detection of gastric cancer, however, like any other cancer in the early stage of its development in the majority of cases can be cured.Reduce the risk of the disease can be due to the refusal of bad habits, compliance with proper diet, healthy lifestyle and protection from infections, contributing to the development of cancer.

Interestingly, the risk of gastric cancer is usually more susceptible men than women.Active smoking, I must say, doubles the risk of developing the disease by narrowing the blood vessels of the stomach, pancreas secretion of oppression, as well as enhance the secretion of gastric glands.

In addition, the risk group residents of Japan, South America, Korea, the UK and Iceland.The most dangerous in this respect, the country is Korea, where stomach cancer ranks second as a cause of m

ortality and first among cancers.

To date, proven causes of gastric cancer is poor diet, but rather the use of large quantities of spices, spicy dishes, overcooked foods, pickled and smoked food, as well as dishes with excess salt.Moreover, it revealed an interesting fact: people with blood group A (II) are more prone to the development of gastric cancer.The reasons for such a connection is not established science.

diagnosis of gastric cancer is not a problem for modern medicine.The problem is the delay in seeking medical advice to patients.Today, there is a special method of diagnosing cancer in humans at the precancerous stage, when the disease does not manifest itself symptomatic and treatable by 100%.This method is called "screening" for the detection of cancer of the stomach shown to undergo once every six months or a year.

When to see a doctor at a later stage of the disease for an accurate diagnosis provided by the passage of the respective methods of diagnosis, whose task is not only the definition of the tumor and its size, but also the installation of the extent of its spread in the body.

X-ray method of diagnostics

This method of study plays an important role in the diagnosis of cancer of the stomach, allowing the determination of defects in the lining of the organ.The procedure is as follows: the patient drinks a mixture of barium, and then a few minutes later made the shot.In the case of detection space in a picture with the accumulation of fluid in the form of a recess - the test is considered positive for a cancer.

I must say that this method of research is often combined with ultrasound and endoscopy of the stomach that produces the most accurate results.

Computed tomography

the diagnosis of gastric cancer computed tomography is used as an additional method of examination.However, this method is shown mainly in case of need for differential diagnosis.The image obtained after processing by a computer is a fairly accurate picture, well displayed a pathological process in the case of its presence.

It should be noted that when computed tomography is possible to obtain images taken from different angles, which is an important advantage of providing fairly detailed information on the status of gastric tumors.It is possible to identify not only the tumors but also metastatic in other organs.

Endoscopic examinations

Today, the most popular method of diagnosis of gastric cancer is endoscopy, during which the patient is given pain medication through the mouth and the endoscope is introduced.This device is a flexible thin tube, which is located at the end of the illuminator and the camera.

This method allows to inspect not only the stomach, and the inner surface of the esophagus, as well as the duodenum.In the case of land, a suspect, your doctor may take a piece of tissue for further examination under a microscope, that is, to make a biopsy.

I must say that this method is not only the most popular and affordable, but also the most reliable in the diagnosis of gastric cancer, as well as in the identification of a number of other disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract.The doctor can identify both the tumor and determine the extent of tissue damage.

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