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Sore neck - Causes and Treatment

Probably not such people who at least once in his life faced with a pain in the neck.Here, it would seem, everything is fine and nothing portends trouble, and then again - a sore neck.In this state quite hard to turn your head to the side, and so you have to squint your eyes or in the right direction, or else to turn his whole body.Many people who have got into this situation, do not even try to think about the cause of pain in the neck, and just want to quickly get rid of it.

Every year, such complaints are increasing.Moreover, it should be noted that with the state when a sore neck?began to turn and the children.Previously such symptoms in childhood is extremely rare.Why the disease is younger?There are several reasons: lack of exercise, bad genetics, environmental influences, an unhealthy diet.

What causes neck pain

Cervical osteochondrosis - is one of the main causes of pain in the neck.This frequent disease of the spine, which in prevalence is second only to the lumbar degenerative disc disease

.The causes of osteoarthritis is not small, but the most important - a sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise).On her back in the 90 egody Valery Leontiev sang as a scourge, that of modernity.In our time, the problem is not solved, and even more aggravated.A sedentary lifestyle, television, computerization - all this makes itself felt pain in the spine.Besides sedentary lifestyle, to help the development of osteoarthritis are coming bad habits - smoking, alcohol and unhealthy food.Overweight and obesity also play a hand in the development of osteochondrosis.It should be noted, excessive exercise is also not beneficial to the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs;

inflammation of the muscles of the neck or cervical myositis - as the main cause of pain in the neck.Provoke cervical myositis can sleep in an uncomfortable position, stay in the draft, hypothermia, long sitting at the computer or watching TV.Often, such a state is called "blown neck."

Bad posture - in which there is an unnatural curvature of the spine, resulting in pain in the neck;

In addition to these most common causes of pain in the neck, there are plenty of others, such as whiplash injury, trauma of the central channel, epidural compression of the cervical spinal cord syndromes Tinel, Penkousta, carpal tunnel, and others.So rely on self still not worth it.A precise diagnosis could put a neurologist or vertebronevrolog.

Diagnosing neck pain

If you feel pain in the neck most accurate diagnosis is a must.As a rule, the usual examination and anamnesis for a diagnosis to be small.At least needs an x-ray of the neck in two projections.Focusing on the X-ray examination, the patient may be referred for CT and MRI.Computer and Magnetic resonance imaging of the most modern and accurate survey methods.They provide an accurate picture of the condition of soft tissues, presence of hernias or tumors, nerve damage.

What to do if a sore neck

Best of all, it would be treated on the basis of an expert appointed an accurate diagnosis.So, for example, with the chamber for the treatment of pain, it is essential movements, while more severe disease shows peace.

Treatment of neck pain can be divided into the following stages:

  • drug
  • a manual exercise.

to medical treatment is medication, contributing to the relief of pain and inflammation.To do this, take painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic agents.Product form pharmaceuticals can be in the form of ointments, gels, tablets, rectal suppositories, injectable solutions.

manualnomu treatment - here include massage and manual therapy.Of course, all these manipulations of the neck, can be entrusted only to specialist.Since Improper manipulation can cause harm to a patient until the disability.Massage - boleschadyaschaya procedure, it can be trusted to make a close or native people.It consists in rubbing, and softening of the muscle tissue.

Exercise - often already in use after the neck pain subsided.We must not forget the coach's neck.The complex of simple exercises will help you with this.Exercise will help avoid future remission, that is, repeated bouts of pain in the neck.This should be done in the morning and evening, and can be among the day.It is enough to make a couple of nods his head, slowly turn your head left and right, headlong imaginary circle, but you can her initials.The main rule, which it is necessary to adhere to - not to make any sudden movements.In a standing position to make a move his shoulders up and down or pull up the hand to the chest, taking them something heavy.Useful also hanging on the bar, by the way, not only for the cervical spine, but also for the whole.Hang it is necessary to relax the whole body.