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Sore stomach symptoms

In medicine, pain in the stomach have a separate name - gastralgia.Most often referred to as the pain that is caused by diseases of the stomach or vegetative neurosis, in rarer cases, a number of other diseases.In addition, gastralgia often is felt and cramping in nature in the fourth left intercostal space.Stomach itself, as is known, it is located under the costal arch thorax.

Themselves stomach pain can not be considered as a separate symptom.Often, for setting the correct diagnosis is necessary to pay attention to a set of associated symptoms such as, for example, belching or heartburn.Interestingly, apart stomach pain may indicate stress or neurological disease.

quite important in communication stomach pain with food intake, while it may disappear with the development of the disease.Just take into account the relationship of pain to the location of the body, for example, at an ulcer.Patients with this disease there is a marked relief in a horizontal position, and in some cases, depending on the l

ocation of ulcer patients is more convenient to take a sitting position or lying on its side.

addition, stomach pain can change its intensity as a function of physical activity.For example, when such disease as gastroptosis pain considerably worse during exercise or while walking.

intensity of pain in the stomach

intensity of pain can be very different and depends on the cause of it.For example, in chronic gastritis, or in some cases, stomach cancer is not characterized by pain of high intensity.While as duodenal ulcer or stomach pain can be very severe.Occasionally, patients may have complaints of pain, especially in patients with perforated ulcer.

I must say that the intensity of pain is unlikely to be an indicator in the diagnosis, since it is quite a subjective indicator, because each person has his own threshold.Although, it should be noted that most patients are quite adequately assess their condition at inspection.

However, there is a definite link between the exigencies of pathology and intensity of pain in the stomach.For example, long-term chronic gastritis patients reported no pain great power to which they have become accustomed to not pay attention.Seek medical advice in most cases they make others more uncomfortable symptoms that accompany the disease.

important to know that these are not severe pain can be not only a manifestation of chronic gastritis, but also be the first symptom of stomach cancer.In the initial stages of malignancy does not manifest itself by severe pain, which often leads to late diagnosis of cancer too.

most severe stomach pain occur when stomach injuries, acute duodenitis and gastritis, as well as an exacerbation of gastric ulcers and burns the esophagus or stomach lining.

painful shock with loss of consciousness can occur in the case of ulcer perforation, in some cases, cardiac arrest may occur.

is important to know that taking painkillers in case of acute pain in the stomach before the arrival of the doctor is highly undesirable, as it can cause bleeding.

Just do not forget that patients who had undergone resection of the stomach, may not experience severe pain at relapse of peptic ulcer disease.Sometimes they even can not feel pain in the stomach.

Character stomach pain

nature of pain in the stomach is not the last value in the diagnosis of disease.Knowing the nature of pain, we can assume not only a specific disease, but also to determine the existence and nature of complications.

For example, if patients with ulcer or gastritis having burning pain, the doctor may suggest attaching solar plexitis.Intense pain in patients with chronic gastritis often talks about joining colitis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis.

At diagnosis, it is important to take into account the totality of the various factors such as the time of onset of pain, its intensity, the relationship of pain with external circumstances that accompany the pain symptoms, perception of pain by the patient and the factors influencing the increase in or the appearance of pain.

As if pain occurs at night, you can talk about the possible defeat of the gastric mucosa, or problems with the release of hydrochloric acid on an empty stomach.The fact that in normal gastric cancer should not allocate at night juice and participate in the digestion process.This would happen because of the formation of an ulcer causing bacterial flora or from the formation of cancerous tumors, the appearance of a tumor as gastrinoma, or in the case of long-term malnutrition.

pain in the morning appears in the majority of cases in smokers neglecting breakfast for cigarettes.