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Back Pain - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Pain in the back are most common in people aged, however, due to a number of reasons, they can also occur in young people.Periodically feel pain in the back used to almost all adults, due to the special predisposition of our body parts to different kinds of injuries.The vast majority of back pain is easily treatable, as well as prevention, but, sometimes, all the same reasons that caused pain in the back, can be quite serious, including, for example, low back pain.

Just to back pain may cause any gastrointestinal disease, kidney stones or other problems with the urinary system.

Back pain may be either in the lumbar region, or between the blades and also can produce pain in the arm or leg, depending on the cause of the pain.

reasons for back pain

The main causes of back pain include diseases such as osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, radiculopathy, scoliosis, herniated disc, osteoporosis, myofascial pain, and serious violations of the spinal circulation.

Also back pain can be caused by obesity, hea

vy physical activities, including those associated with heavy lifting, poor posture or any infection.

Factors contributing to the appearance of back pain

As if back pain is caused by the disease, but there is no any treatment, the pain tends to subside back and depending on the availability of the factors contributing to this.Thus, for example, trigger the return of the pain in the back may be hypothermia or lifting weights, as well as if a man for a long time is in an uncomfortable position.In addition, back pain can get into the organism infection.

main symptoms of back pain

signal for going to the doctor and pass examinations is back pain that does not pass for a period of 3 to 5 days, as well as in its accompanying body temperature of more than 37.8.

back pain can be on a background of frequent and painful urination, vomiting and nausea, numbness of the limbs and diarrhea.All these are symptoms that should cause you to see a doctor immediately.

If simultaneously with pain in the back much difficulty movements of hands or feet, and confusion, it is extremely important in the shortest possible time to see a doctor.

Diagnosis of back pain

If there is pain in the back to use such methods of examination as a neurological examination and X-ray, CT and MRI diagnostic manual.

most frequently during the X-ray examination of elderly people found osteochondrosis.

Immediately after the call to the doctor makes history in detail investigated symptoms and complaints, after which additional studies are assigned.

In compiling history turns localization of the pain, its irradiation, the emotional state of the patient, as well as to detect the presence of pain depending on the situation of human rights.Just the existence of the old matter back injuries.

In order to detect the presence of any tumors and infections physical examination is conducted.


For the treatment of pain of different character, depending on what caused it, prescribe such treatments as chiropractic, medication and physiotherapy, as well as physical therapy, postizomerricheskaya relaxation, surgery, traction, interspinous and paravertebral blockade.Just require that we comply ortopeticheski correct mode.

the treatment of osteoarthritis should avoid sudden movements, and especially the slopes, as is mostly to be alone.In the case of acute osteoarthritis patient can not visit a medical facility and undergo treatment at home.At the same time appointed NSAIDs, analgesics, muscle relaxants, and sleeping on a hard bed is recommended using a special board under the mattress.

the treatment of intervertebral hernia surgery resorted to in cases where the patient has a compression of the spinal cord, which is fairly rare.

Chronic back pain

presence of chronic back pain often speaks of osteochondrosis, treatment which takes 5 to 15 sessions, depending on the intensity of pain.In the process of treatment includes acupuncture, vacuum therapy, acupressure, moksoterapiya, hirudotherapy and stone therapy.

If we talk more about each of these methods, we can note the good performance of acupressure, which helps eliminate muscle spasms and excessive stress, promotes blood circulation.Just because of manual therapy effectively eliminates the dysfunction of the joints of the spine.And, provided that the patient after the end of treatment in compliance with the doctor's recommendations, wheels will continue to recover on their own.

the presence of intervertebral hernia treatment is a fairly lengthy process, slowly reducing itself hernia and soothing the pain of it.A full course of treatment allows you to fully restore the normal functioning of the affected disk.

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