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Toothache - types , causes, symptoms and treatment

Toothache indicates that the teeth are in need of urgent treatment.The more intense the pain, the more likely to visit a dentist.Basically the same problem faced by children or aged people.But there is a risk of tooth pain in those who are following the oral hygiene.

intense toothache is not only bad for the state of health of the person, but also reduces efficiency, breaks, diet and rest.

Types toothache

  • aching;
  • constant;
  • acute;
  • throbbing;
  • intensive;
  • cramping.

reasons for toothache

reasons for toothache is very diverse and affect all ages, but more often the problem faced by children and the elderly.People who do not monitor the condition of their teeth and mouth, are also at risk to acquire a disease associated with damage to teeth and gums.

sometimes causes tooth pain not related to dental disease.The reason may be sinusitis, neuralgia, neuritis, or ear disease.Accurate diagnosis is made only after a full examination of the patient.

main causes of dental pain:

  • caries - tooth decay,
    starting with the dissolution of its minerals, followed by the formation of cavities;
  • pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp, neurovascular bundle of the tooth;
  • periodontitis - an inflammation of periodontal tissue complex surrounding the root of the tooth;
  • tooth injury - damage to teeth due to injury (bruise, fracture or dislocation);
  • abscess - collection of pus in the gums (flux).

Symptoms toothache

When caries pain often occurs after drinking sour, sweet or after touching a solid object.If you remove the stimulus, the pain will soon disappear.

When pulpitis the pain is usually caused by touching a hot or cold quickly and does not disappear even if the stimulus is gone.Acute pulpitis is typical gradation of pain, depending on the time of day.Even if there were no day irritants, then at night may have sudden onset of severe pain.

periodontitis pain appears spontaneously pulsating nature with a clear localization.One symptom of the disease is the occurrence of a sharp pain in response to a mechanical action on the tooth (e.g., tapping dental tools).Periodontitis is the most serious disease in dentistry.Use for pain control large amounts of painkillers can lead to extremely negative consequences, including hospitalization.

case of injury tooth pain can be of the same nature as described above for any disease.For an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to visit the dentist.

When periostitis characteristic pain in the tooth pulsating nature, aggravated by biting.Externally swollen gums.The patient is observed rise in body temperature.

Treating toothache

toothache treatment depends on the diagnosis.Caries treatment virtually painless, inexpensive and quick.Clean the cavity with further filling of

pulpitis Treatment involves a depulpatsiyu tooth cleaning and root canal filling.In severe cases, made removal of the affected tooth.

periodontal treatment of acute and chronic forms is aimed at suppressing the inflammatory focus.For this early clean root canal, and then applied to cover medical tissue diseased.There are a number of cases requiring removal of a cyst formed.

Treatment of periodontitis often occurs with surgery.Reveals the tumor.It is washed with antiseptic solutions and installed drainage.Only after the complete disappearance of periodontitis, the dentist will treat the tooth, "blame" for this disease.

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