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Pain in the right side of the abdomen below

With pain our body tells us that to him that something was wrong, so ignore this symptom in any case impossible.Just find out what caused the pain, can only specialist after appropriate testing.However, some causes of pain can assume independently on the basis of several factors such as the localization of pain, its intensity, character, as well as other accompanying symptoms.

is important to know that the acute pain does not pass within half an hour, requires urgent treatment to the doctor, as may result from a serious disease that requires surgery.

For that alone would suggest the cause of abdominal pain, you should know that the stomach is divided into four parts, is the right upper part, the left upper part of the right-hand lower part and the lower part of the left.In the diagnosis of localized pain bind to one of said segments.

When the pain in the right side of the abdomen diagnosis causes quite complicated by the fact that in this part of our body is a large number of internal organs such as

the liver, kidney, lung, appendix, gall bladder, and others.

reasons for pain in the right side below

So, what can be the cause of pain in the right lower abdomen.Perhaps the most common cause is an attack of appendicitis.The appendix is ​​a small appendage of the large intestine.In this case, the patient requires emergency surgery.Depending on the characteristics of the organism and the degree of neglect of the disease localization and intensity of pain can be different.However, in all cases, it is characterized by initial dispersal of pain throughout the abdomen, and follow its localization in one part of the abdomen, usually on the right a little bit below the navel.In addition, for the attack of appendicitis is characterized by abdominal muscle tension, high sensitivity of the skin at the site of the concentration of pain and its gain if the patient is taking the position of lying on your left side.It is believed that a further diagnosis is not possible, it is not excluded attack of appendicitis.This is due to the fact that the consequences of a running attack of appendicitis can be quite serious for the patient's health, including death.

Another very serious cause of pain in the right side of the abdomen below may be any disease of the female reproductive system.This includes a variety of inflammatory processes of appendages, fallopian tubes, ovaries, as well as ectopic pregnancy, which requires urgent surgery because it can lead to death.Just the presence of ovarian cysts can cause similar pain.And in the event the data of pain during menstruation is often the cause of a disease, such as endometriosis.

addition cause abdominal pain, lower right may be the presence of malignancy in the intestines, as well as get into the intestine infection, ileitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or worms.

also pain in this area may occur in the event of such infections, sexually received as chlamydia, gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.

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