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If you hurt the kidneys

Each kidney disease is characterized by a type of pain.If you have any disease of the body it is often a nagging pain in the back, which, however, can talk about a simple muscle strain.

most characteristic of kidney pain in the abdominal area, which is quite difficult to confuse with other pain caused by, for example, food poisoning.In addition, patients often have kidney pain on motion.

reasons why the kidneys hurt

Contrary to popular belief, "chill" the kidney is almost impossible, since the body is located deep in the thickness of the body, and to reach it before the cold necessary to carry out in the cold for several hours.

In order to establish the true cause of pain in the kidneys, it is necessary to conduct ultrasound and pass some tests.To diagnose the cause and appropriate treatment can only physician.

If you hurt the kidneys, especially should not engage in self-diagnosis and start the disease, it is important to immediately go to a therapist, who will conduct a survey and send you to th

e correct specialist.

The causes of pain in the kidney is not really enough.This may be, for example, infection.In this case, the disease is called - pyelonephritis.Just kidneys may get sick because of such hereditary diseases as polycystic kidney disease, for which precisely characterized by pain in the abdomen.In addition to pain in the kidney can result in bleeding in the kidney, malignant or benign tumor, a blood clot in the renal artery, kidney stones, etc.

most common cause of pain in the kidney is the pathogenic microflora, got there from the intestine, ureter, or genitals.In addition, the pain may be caused by personal injury kidney or laryngitis.

diagnose the problem can only specialist.

What a pain when you hurt the kidneys?

for each the cause of the pain in the kidneys, has its own features.For example, painful and periodically changing the pain in the lower abdomen and groin area is most often caused by kidney disease.

case of violation of the right blood supply and a sharp outflow of urine there is an acute pain that is caused by the passage of a stone or a blood clot on the urinary tract.Intensive cutting or stabbing pain as characteristic of renal colic.Such pain characterized by sudden onset, and periodic damping, and its location is most often in the lumbar region to any one side.

What if the aching buds?

If you feel that you have hurt the kidneys, in any case, should not engage in self-diagnose the problem.The fact that the incorrect determination of the causes of the disease that resulted in pain in the kidneys, can run much the development of other serious conditions that can lead to quite serious consequences.

treat kidney contributes to well appropriate diet.Thus, protein rich food has a good effect in renal failure.It is recommended to limit the consumption of dairy and fish products, as well as potato chips, instant coffee, tomatoes, figs and dried apricots.As shown in the use of large amounts of water, which helps cleanse the body of toxins.

diet in conjunction with a designated specialist treatment will effectively and quickly to heal the pain in the kidneys.

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