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Pain in the right side of the abdomen on top

Because pain is most often one of the first symptoms of any disease in the body, then ignore it in any case impossible.Awareness of what might occur or that the pain can sometimes provide a good service in the event of a given situation.Some causes of pain in his right side on top of the abdomen can be very serious and require immediate treatment to help doctors and some reasons are quite banal and the most demanding reception, such as painkillers.

preliminary diagnosis is based on the location of pain, its character and its accompanying symptoms.In some cases, the value is not the last link pain with some external factors such as, for example, exercise or pain preceding the appearance of action.

I must say that most of the pain in his right side on top of the stomach are due to a number of diseases of the gallbladder and liver.In the case of inflammatory pain is drawing the character, and can manifest itself for a long time and be strong.It is independent of food intake and often "blurred", that is n

ot concentrated in any particular part of the stomach.A fairly sharp and strong pain occurs when gallstones.In such a pain there is its name - hepatic colic, it may become more intense after ingestion of spicy or fatty foods, as well as manifest in the case of increased physical activity.

Just pneumonia or pleurisy the pain is localized in the same area, and in this case, the associated symptoms are cough and fever.

Often the pain in his right side on top of the stomach is caused by either intercostal neuralgia, trauma or ribs, in which the pain is aggravated by motion and respiration.

Causes of pain in his right side on top

It is worth noting the main reasons that can cause pain in the right side of the abdomen above.The first is a liver disease.The fact that some liver disease may result in an increase, which in turn leads to a rather strong pain.Hepatitis infection can cause some inflammation.In any case, they are in most cases accompanied by pain in the art.

liver disease may be caused by the same influence of drugs and certain chemicals.One should not forget about the dangers of alcoholic drinks, which to date are quite urgent problem and a common cause of pain in the liver.

So pains peculiar constancy, they may not take place for a long period of time.The nature of such pain and aching mostly dull, patients feel it deep inside the body.

Another cause of pain in the right abdomen on top are gallbladder disease, who have specific symptoms such as excessive flatulence, feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.Basically these symptoms occur immediately after receiving fried and spicy foods.Pain usually catches patients already after a few hours.

The pain is very intense, even acute, often growing character.As a result, the patient begins vomiting and cold sweats emerges, while in rare cases, the pain may radiate to the area below the right shoulder blade.

most common cause of these symptoms is the presence of gallstones, and surgical intervention is not always required, but only in the case of large-sized stones.With a small amount of stones can get out on their own.Next

cause of pain in the right side of the abdomen on top of this disease of the pancreas, but rather an attack of pancreatitis.This pain is pronounced, by their nature are similar to gallbladder disease.The patients always complain of severe pain radiating to the spine.In addition, pain is often markedly enhanced when the patient is in the supine position, and subsides when seated and bent forward.Accompanied by symptoms in this case are nausea, sweating and chills in patients without elevated body temperature.

Just cause pain in the art can body kidney disease.Contrary to popular belief, kidney disease is not necessarily manifested by pain in the lumbar region.For example, kidney stones often cause pain in the upper right abdomen, with pain in waves.Sometimes the pain radiates to the groin and back.

interesting that appendicitis is the first cause, which is excluded in case of pain in the right side of the abdomen above.The fact that they can be felt in different areas of the abdomen, but more often in the right sector or in the navel.In this case, the surgical intervention is necessary.

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