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How to wash white

Today, thanks to "smart" technology, high-quality washing powder and other funds (fabric softener, stain remover, etc.) hostesses work today is much easier.But despite the fact that, as our mothers and grandmothers, it is necessary to fill the powder, put the lingerie, select the desired mode for many wash turns into a real problem.

How to wash white

How to wash white

If you spot a black or colored clothes easy to deduce by a "strong" means the stains that remain on the white clothes to get rid oh how difficult.Kipelno white dress or suit will always be the perfect holiday dress, however, is put on the clothes, even one small spot, and it can be discarded.

To whites always had its original appearance, you first need to learn what nature has planted spot.When you understand where the dirt has appeared on your clothes, the laundry is not as difficult a problem as it might seem at first. How to wash white? In this article we will tell you how to wash white linen, depending on the nature of the spots that appeared

on it.

How to wash white

How to wash stains from fruit on a white

first type spots, that can easily appear on the white clothes - traces of fruit.If you put on a white dress on the spot any fruit, soak it in warm water, and then the thing itself immediately wash hair with regular shampoo.Thus, you can get rid of most fruit stains origin, in addition, tissue will not have any divorce.

How to wash greasy stains on white

next type of spots - fat. If you accidentally dripped fatty foods on his white suit, you need to fill the spot immediately crumb of chalk, hold a little, and then shake.Mel has to absorb all the fat.Then, during washing, wipe the place spot with a solution of water and ammonia.If the hand you do not have these ingredients, then your regular dishwashing detergent.They faded spot, and it will disappear without a trace.

How to wash white

How to wash stains from ink on white

spots that appear on the white clothes are not so often, and yet that still occur from time to time - spots of paint. Of course, first of all, we should try to deal with the stain with acetone.If all your efforts were in vain, try to use gasoline.Remember that under the place where the planted spot, you need to put a few layers of used cloth to paint soaked into it.Try to erase the stain in the direction from the edge to the center, do not spread it and do more.If we are talking about gouache or watercolor, it will help the cold water, oil paint solvent outputs and markers, ink and markers excellent win alcohol.

How to wash white

How to wash wine stains on white

at parties or dinners at the white dress or a suit very often get drops of white or red wine. How to wash white?

In order to bring this type of stain, you must wash cloth using ammonia or liquid soap.

How to wash white

How to wash the blood stains on a white

blood on the white cloth is extremely difficult to properly clean , especially the already long-standing spots.If white clothes appeared bloodstains should immediately try to wash them, otherwise you risk just throw good thing.In no case do not try to wash clothes stained with blood under hot water.The protein contained in the blood will react immediately, minimizes blood, and to wash it will be several times harder.Wash away the blood from the tissue surface cold, even icy water, then washed off the stain with hydrogen peroxide Go shampoo hair.Inveterate stains can try to wash, dress or suit soaking in cold water with shampoo.

How to wash stains from lipstick on a white

lipstick stains easily derived using dish detergent and lukewarm clean water.Mascara or fat cream or lotion can be derived with the help of alcohol and liquid makeup remover.

How to wash white

How to wash stains from nail polish on a white

If you carelessly touched a white robe fresh bright paint, put under the spot a few paper towels, and then pour a thin stream of nail polish remover on the stain.This procedure must be repeated several times, constantly changing napkins.

Try these simple tips to save your favorite dress, blouse, T-shirt or a set of underwear.However, remember that much easier to prevent than to get rid of, so try to be with white things as gently as possible.

How to wash white

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