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How to iron a shirt - video

How to iron a shirt Every woman is often faced with a problem: how to iron a shirt.It seems to be simple, but patted her on the one hand, perevernesh to another, and from the results of your labors was gone.

women can be divided into two groups: those who love to stroke, and those who think it is a useless occupation.Representatives of the first group argued that at this moment you can focus on certain thoughts, meditate, tune into something positive.

Logically who better to cope with the task.Perhaps the secret of success in a case like ironing shirts is that you need to approach the matter a good mood?

How to iron a shirt - preparation

  • So, turn on your favorite music and start.The golden rule is: caress lovingly, and then all you get!
  • First of all, you need to prepare the workplace, perfect - ironing board with a perfectly smooth and flat surface.
  • Of course, without the aid of iron we can not do! very easy to operate irons with a steam generator, which is changed by pressing buttons located on the
    handle, on the heating surface flows through the small hole pairs equal portions.
  • To avoid accidentally pripalit shirt iron, you should choose the most appropriate mode for the type of ironing tissue. Cotton - 150, flax - 220 Polyester - 110 degrees.
  • Keep in mind that it is best to iron the shirt when she was barely moist. If it dries, it will be very difficult to iron.To remedy this situation, the shirt should sprinkle with water and a few minutes to put in a plastic bag so that it otmyakla.

How to iron a shirt How to iron a shirt

How to iron a shirt - ironing

So, proceed directly to the process of ironing. first shirt iron parts having a smaller area.

Iron is necessary to carry on the shared line, so you prevent stretch fabric.

  1. Initially smoothes the collar and desk. edges of the rack should be smooth down so that they are bent, then the shirt will look especially beautiful.How to iron a shirt
  2. Next, iron the cuffs, first inside, then outside. Some fans never ironed shirts cuffs and gate on the front side, thus preventing the unpleasant sheen over time and never have to iron the cuffs of shirts, which are supposed to be worn with a pair of cufflinks, except that only the inside of the unfolded form.As a result they will have a more solid form.
  3. next step is to iron the sleeves. For this there is a special board, but if you have none, that's okay, you can do without it.So, we have to put the sleeve on the ironing board to the top of the seam - to iron;then you need to turn the sleeve seam in the side - ironed.Then again, you need to turn the sleeve so that button band was on top - ironed.If you have a steam generator, the sleeve is not necessarily completely ironed.It should initially be ironed collars, buttoned it and tuck so that the hand was sealed.Then insert the steam from the inside in the armholes and enable operation of steam.Thus, the inside pairs perfectly smooth out the sleeve.Iron-on transfer arrows or not - you decide.Some men do not really like the arrow on the sleeves.
  4. finished with a sleeve, then you need to put a shirt on the ironing surface so that the front side of one of the shelves looked up - carefully iron it along until, until it becomes perfectly flat, while skillfully maneuvering, avoiding the buttons.It should be completely ironed armhole - the base sleeve shirt.So you need to iron the entire front side.
  5. Another very important point is proglazhivanie coquette and podvorotnichkovoy zone.Should be carefully ironed place at the base of the collar stand.All ironed shirt, and it can be safely worn!

How to iron a shirt

How to pat his shirt - Video

Many women prefer nagladit several shirts.To keep them tidy look, it is best to hang on a hanger in the closet.

Some may be terrified this much to describe how long!But this is only a description, but the process will not take much of your time.Try it once pet shirt properly, and you will see how you can save time while receiving a perfect score!

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