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Baggage on the plane: the rules

Probably all familiar with the state, when it is impossible to think about anything else except the long-awaited day, which begins your vacation.

Baggage on the plane: the rules

Baggage in plane: rules

you catch that thing his eyes on trunk volume, which is already a year languishing in a corner, waiting for the hostess finally fill it "to dump" fashionable dressand colorful bikini.

But do not give in to "suitcase mood" and to put into it all the things in a row. To start think about the rules of baggage.And if you fly on an airplane for the first time, or even re-read the rules several times in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Baggage on the plane: the rules

luggage in the plane: weight

collecting luggage in the plane, pay attention to the fact that in Russia, as in other countries, there are strict rules limiting the size, weight and contents of the luggage.

Each passenger shall be entitled to take the luggage to the aircraft weight: 20 kg if he flies economy class, 30 kg when flying in Business Class and 40 kg - in the first gr


Typically, this rate includes the total weight of hand baggage and luggage.However, some airlines do not include the carry-on baggage in that framework.Therefore, buying a ticket, be sure to check baggage allowance specific airline.Size of luggage is also important - the total sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 203 cm in business class and 158 cm for the economy class.

Baggage on the plane: the rules

luggage on the plane and overload sverhnorma

If the size and weight of baggage exceeding the permissible limits , will have to pay according to the rates of the airline.

Usually pay excess baggage at the rate of 1-2% of the cost of an economy class one way per kg.All the problems associated with excess baggage is best to decide in advance.

addition to checked baggage, each passenger can carry hand luggage whose weight should not exceed 5 kg, and the size of 115 cm in sum of three dimensions.For example, you can take with you into the cabin bag size 55h40h20 cm, which fits easily on a shelf or under the seat.Beyond weight standards, you can also take a handbag, a bouquet of flowers, a coat or cloak, scarf, umbrella, a small blanket, camera, binoculars, a book, a magazine, a laptop and a small amount of food.

Baggage on the plane: the rules

And what kind of things can be carried in the luggage of the aircraft?

In principle, you can carry in your luggage any items other than those that are classified as dangerous.

  • safety reasons, prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive materials (paints, cleaners, burners, fireworks, gunpowder).
  • Also, you will not miss a caustic, poisonous and radioactive substances.
  • Weapons and ammunition can be carried only by special permission in a small amount for private use.This weapon must be unloaded and specially packaged for transportation in the luggage of the aircraft.

In hand luggage it is best to put things that should be on hand (drugs, telephone), as well as documents and valuables (laptops, cameras, cameras and jewelry).

Do not forget that the luggage is sometimes lost property, so never put in a suitcase documents, insurance, vouchers and valuables, all of this must be in the hand luggage.

Baggage on the plane: the rules

What not to put in your hand luggage

But you can not put in your hand luggage, if you do not want to be considered "terrorist" because it - all sorts of sprays and liquid volume of 100 ml.By the way, a harmless nail file and nail set, you also take away during the inspection of hand luggage, so I remove all sharp objects in a suitcase.

Now Russia and the EU new rules for taking liquids on board the aircraft, which are allowed to carry liquids in containers of not more than 100 ml. This is often referred to liquids is not liquid things: ink, toothpaste, deodorants, lotions, gels, foams, as well as perfumes, lotions, oils, beverages, etc.

If you are going to transport "fluid" in hand luggage, advance purchase special small jars 100 ml, into which you can pour cosmetics.All containers need to be packed in a plastic bag, which will be sealed at the time of the flight. important condition - the total volume of all containers must not exceed 1 liter per person. All other liquids must be removed in a suitcase.

as compact folding things in luggage - videos

Baggage on the plane: the rules Baggage on the plane: the rules

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