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Give way to pedestrians on the move!

New rules require drivers to pedestrians on zebra (pedestrian crossing).We become more civilized?Let's get used to it together!

Give way to pedestrians on the move

give way to pedestrians on the transition

Most Russians first came to any European country to come to the astonishment of the local driving conditions.Wow, drivers pass pedestrians, they hardly come close to the road!"We have this never will be!"- Cried ours.And wrong: Russian lawmakers still found a way to force car owners to learn the culture on the roads.

penalty for something that does not give way to pedestrians

The first new bill to transitions indicated zebra. If earlier the vast majority of drivers almost did not pay attention to them, you will now have to slow down before the pedestrian and see if anyone does not want to go to the other side.

not noticed a man (this also applies to cyclists!), Who made at least one step on the road?Guardian about the right to demand to pay a fine of 800 to 1,000 rubles.Moreover, pedestrians urged to be vigilant and t

o report to the traffic police car numbers do not give way to pedestrians.

Give way to pedestrians on the move

Pedestrian and emergency

With the adoption of the law increased the number of accidents before proceeding - drivers coming from behind cars do not always have time to react and stop.

What to do? Whoever behind - almost always wrong.Keep your distance, at least - 3 meters from the car ahead.

Crosswalk - erased zebra

sometimes drivers simply do not know that ahead of the transition - the zebra has worn off, and it is not visible at night.

What to do?Also strips on the road, the transition denoted by the symbol on the sidelines.Usually it is a few meters.Be careful!

pedestrian crossings and traffic lights

Some intersections are not equipped with traffic lights for pedestrians, so people go on a signal for drivers (for example, when turning at the arrow).So on the road are all road users.

What to do? Green light for the driver - a sign that he can make the maneuver, but only after a miss other cars and pedestrians.

Give way to pedestrians on the move

flow of people at pedestrian crossing

Often people are a continuous stream and cars lined up in long lines - they can not pass.

What to do? stand and wait.Even the slow movement in the direction of the crowd - a violation.

pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place

culprits numerous accidents arrivals often do pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place.Incidentally, this is practically the only point at which the law fully on the drivers side.

What to do? Pedestrian steel fine (sum - 200 rubles.), But significant results, this method has not yet returned.So all we can do - not to exceed the speed and monitor the situation on the road in time to react in a split second.