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How to save on communication

How to save on the city phone connection To save on phone calls, try for a week to record all incoming and outgoing calls that you make from your home phone and mobile phone.

figure out a definite trend, and you will understand how to modify the plan of communication towards the economy.

How to save the city of communication (phone)

How to save on the city phone connection Stationary urban unit - the most insignificant article "phone budget."There are three options for paying household bills urban connection: unlimited, time-based, combined. For example, in Moscow "bezlimitka" will cost 250 rubles, "povremenka" at 36 cents per minute, the combined rate is 140 rubles for 400 minutes, and more than that - 34 kopecks per minute.Plus 155 rubles monthly fee.

How to optimize? seems to be a couple of hundred rubles will not change anything, but think about your lifestyle.If you come home late, often calling on his mobile and handset City a week low, and at the same time you are paid "bezlimitku", then you are throwing a monthly 200 rubles, while in 2400 this year.

How to save on long distance and international communications

How to save on the city phone connection on calls to other cities and countries the option of paying one: how many said so much and pay.But to pinpoint the "golden" moments, hardly anyone would be - no break in mid-sentence as missed relatives.

How to optimize? much cheaper to call long distance if Skype.Connect just - you need a home internet and headset.Problem one: out of town relatives are unlikely to know how to use a computer.

Therefore it is better to leave the Skype-communication for communicating with friends and relatives to call for IP telephony.This is another way to save on "distant" conversations.

Compare: minute call to Ekaterinburg through the usual "eight" will cost 7 rubles, and after only 1.5 IP.

Buy IP-telephony cards can be in all major mobile phone stores.You do not know how to use it?Follow the instructions on the card or check with the operator.The main thing - no additional hardware other than an ordinary phone, is not required.

How to save on the city phone connection

How to save money on calls on a cellular (mobile) phone

If you now ask, what tariff you use, you are unlikely to remember it, because the last time he changed a few years ago.And it is wrong.

How to optimize? Cellular operators now and then report on new tariffs.Add here all sorts of action - get a set of proposals.Read about them in the office or go to the online service, enter your data and calculate the best fare for themselves.

Another way: order your operator account details, where painted all the services that you enjoyed.Enter this information on to the site and get calculation of how much money you could save in the transition to a particular tariff.Save up to thousand rubles a month!

How to save on the city phone connection How to save on the city phone connection