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The temperature in the apartment does not meet the standards: what to do?

you enjoy the cool air and most of their relatives were tortured constant drafts and windows open, or vice versa, you are the heat-loving people and torturing them exhausting heat?Let's see what the temperature is the most comfortable and best for your home.

The temperature in the apartment

The temperature in the apartment

The temperature in the apartment is one of the most important factors in climate. in different climatic zones of the optimal temperature parameters are different.So much for a hot climate is 17-19 0 C, for a moderate 18 to 20 0 C and in cold conditions 20-22 0C.The discomfort and malaise can be observed at a temperature of 24 0 C or more.

But, of course, the optimal temperature regime is one in which the inhabitants of the dwelling feel comfortable.

The temperature in the apartment

According to snip the minimum acceptable value of the temperature in the heating season in the apartment is threshold of 18 0C. Most people experience a state of thermal comfort at a temperature 21-25 degrees Celsius. But for different population groups,

the figure fluctuates.Since studies have shown that women and children the optimal temperature of the room is at 23-25 ​​0C, and for males - 21-23 0C.

The temperature in the apartment

Experts hygienists together with psychologists developed their own simple rules and conditions under which the temperature is in a residential area close to the most comfortable conditions.According to their calculations, the normal temperature in the home should be within 18-24 degrees Celsius. It is this temperature heat will provide the most acceptable to the human body.The temperature in the apartment

temperature in the apartment for the different rooms

Sanitary norms are advised to adhere to the following temperature conditions.

  • to bedrooms and in rooms intended for sleeping temperature should be within 16-18 0C.Sleep would be better and deeper.The temperature in the apartment
  • The rest of the premises according to standards must be maintained and provided heating systems following temperature: rooms and corridors - 18 0C, toilets and stairs - 16 0C, bathtubs and showers - 25 0C, kitchen - 18 0C.
  • in the nursery recommended temperature of about 23 0C.This is true for those who have a newborn child, while you swaddle the baby, it should not be too cold.For older children it is considered to be the optimum temperature 20-22 0C.

is very important to the concept of the value of temperature changes in the horizontal and vertical directions in homes. Moving around the apartment, a man should not feel the difference in temperature. This is possible if temperature fluctuation is horizontal within 2-3 0C.

How to measure the temperature in the room

The temperature in the room is measured on an inside wall at a distance of 1 m from the outer wall and 1.5 m from the floor.

Regulations apply only if, after the heating season.Before it - there are no standards - warmed as you can!

The temperature in the apartment

temperature of hot water in the apartment

A hot water temperature should be round - not less than 50 and not more than 70 degrees (according to the San regulations SNIP 2.08-01-89 "Residential buildings ").Measure it from the tap open, plunging the thermometer in a glass under the tap.

The temperature in the apartment

temperature in the apartment does not meet the standards: what to do?

If the temperature in the apartment during the heating season does not meets the standard norms, you can write your application to DES requested verification.This usually comes a technician or engineer-superintendent of the local Deza.After checking the batteries, or plumbing system shall be drawn in two copies, one of which remains with the owner of the apartment.If the complaints are confirmed, undertake to fix the utility in the period from 1 to 7 days.

The temperature in the apartment The temperature in the apartment

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