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Contract with the master: how to behave in the barbershop

how to behave in the barbershop to leave the hair salon in a good mood, observing the simple rules of behavior.

Robeesh in the barbershop or beauty salon?Be confident! Remember that you - the customer places and, therefore, deserve the attention and respect of staff.It does not matter where you came - a small economy hairdresser next to the house or brand salon-studio in the city center.

Behave with dignity and ease, be polite. not hesitate to complain if something does not suit, insisted on his point of view, if certain that law.What other issues might arise before going to the salon?

Dress for going to the hairdresser

how to behave in the barbershop What to wear? would be desirable, of course, so that you spotted client, decent special treatment.After all, no wonder they say that meet on clothes!But

evening dress - not the best solution: it can get the cream, paint, trim hair.So get dressed simply but tastefully - so that the master was able to create a correct opinion about you, but at the same time you feel comfortable.

How to behave in a barber

not behave in a cheap barber shop in an expensive beauty salon, and vice versa. absurd looks elegant lady in a fur coat, report administrator modest barber shop for something that is not offered her coffee.

But prude, leaving branded showrooms decent money and thus curry favor with the master, does not look better.

Additional services at the hairdresser

You have come to the barber shop, only to cut bangs? Then do not agree to proposals to make a mask for hair highlights and styling: apparently, you want to get more money.

how to behave in the barbershop how to behave in the barbershop

Do I carry on a conversation in the barbershop?

  • Talking whether the wizard?As you want.The main thing - whether by itself. You should not entertain talk of the master.That he should look for the best style of communication, adapt to the Client: hold a conversation if it is prone to this, and work in silence if the visitor is silent.
  • If manicurist, or barber's not your old friend, not throw immediately to tell her about the complexities of relationships with former and current husbands, as well as an annual rate, and the son of a false pregnancy in dogs.But show some sympathy for her problems will not prevent - for example, to sympathize workload associated with the influx of customers in the pre-holiday.
  • But to find out "issue papers" and can be paid in advance. If the only question is money, ask about the cost of the service and give a final answer, whatever it may be.If you just do not want to do anything extra - just say so.It is your right, and a master in any case should not insist.

how to behave in the barbershop how to behave in the barbershop

Tipping in the barbershop

how to behave in the barbershop Tipping in beauty salons - a usual thing. Approximately 10% of the value of the master account is entitled to expect, if he is not rude to you and knocked you to paint.

opinion that gratuities are exclusively for the good service and friendly staff, is out of date.

So, learning rates in the barbershop and preparing for his visit, immediately laid in the estimate of the remuneration to the master.

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