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Toilet paper - you need to know about it?

level of civilization can sometimes be determined by the most unpredictable way.For example, quality toilet paper.

deficit toilet paper

On the streets of Moscow 20 years ago it was possible to meet people, hung with garlands of rolls of toilet paper. They proudly carried their wealth, and passers-by saw off their envious glances.

Toilet paper

Now it is hard to imagine, but the toilet paper was in short supply. Those who were lucky, bought it for 20-30 rolls, and treated like all other citizens of our country, we can only guess.Today in some stores only the paper can not be found - white, pink, blue, flowered, embossed and smooth as silk - a problem only with the choice.

Toilet paper: white or color?

Toilet paper used to be that the white paper - the most high-quality, because it is produced from virgin raw materials, and color second-rate paper to hide a distinctive gray color.Today, we are not forced to buy rough thick paper, even color, so prevalent in the assortment of genuine quality paper pulp.

And here everyone chooses their own preferences - white or colored, smooth or with a pattern. Colored paper is not less white, so nothing could be worse for the consumer properties.Dyes And it is generally used, food is not harmful to health.

Toilet paper: a sign of quality

Toilet paper If colors - purely subjective factor of choice, what can be considered objective?By what criteria is to choose a paper?

Basic requirements for toilet paper - is its softness and durability. Therefore, standing at the counter, without hesitation choose multilayer paper.3-4-ex layer wins according to these parameters - it is more soft and durable, it has a high absorption properties.Importantly, multilayer toilet paper at a rate of more economical than single layer.And the more layers, the correspondingly higher is its consumer properties.

Looks nice paper patterned embossed, but the design is not just a godsend.This achieves even greater density (and hence durability) of the paper and thus it becomes more tender.Fastening between the layers is performed mechanically.Thus there is no effect of "sandpaper" as embossing applied on a "point to point", resulting in a soft toilet paper is obtained on both sides.

Toilet paper with flavor

Toilet paper Many are concerned about the issue, not whether harm flavors.Doubts vain - only flavored sleeve, so the paper does not cause allergies.Although it has started production of paper impregnated, but it's healing elixir of herbs (chamomile, celandine, nettle), so this paper we will only benefit, not harm.

5 facts about toilet paper

  • toilet paper history is rooted in the II century BC: the first time it produced in China silk.
  • Vikings as toilet paper used tufts, the Romans - sponges, impaled on a stick, while the first American settlers were very popular corn cobs.Toilet paper
  • first "paper" began to produce toilet paper in the UK in 1880. It sold not in coils, and boxes.
  • People used to be ashamed of toilet paper, and the Englishman who invented it in the fold rolls, called them "the paper rollers."
  • Mike Bartel suggested an unexpected idea print books on the rolls of toilet paper. According to him, the toilet is "the perfect place to read."The presentation of the book was held on October the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Toilet paper - a little humor

Toilet paper

Toilet paper

Toilet paper