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Extreme thirst - what to do?

Extreme thirst No matter how great the thirst, do not lash out at the water and drink it in large quantities at once.

Great thirst - what to do?

It's not just that so you stretch your stomach, taught him to receive (and ask!), More fluid and food.This is dangerous in terms of water-salt metabolism.

During training, especially on a hot July day, you are sweating profusely, losing not only water but also salt.Then drinking plenty of fluids, "dilute" the blood, reducing the concentration of sodium and water in the surrounding normal tissue cells outside directs inward, leading to edema.

Do not force yourself to drink, if you do not want to, because "it is necessary". If the stock of liquid needed to fill quickly, take the sodium chloride mineral water.Or slightly podsolite drinking water. "The same considerations do not rule out in the heat salty foods.To avoid swelling, just do not gorge on them at night.Extreme thirst

Causes severe thirst

Extreme thirst can be a sign of diabetes. If you drink, but just can not

get a drink, even if the night several times to get up in the fridge for mineral water, although I do not like this in a notice, contact a physician.

drink at night?

evening metabolism slows down, and if the fluid in the body usually makes a complete circle in 3 hours, from 19.00 till morning and does not pass one lap.

That is your cup of tea drunk freed the next day around noon.The water will accumulate in the body and this can cause internal swelling.

What is summer?

summer really do not want to cook at least because the idea to stand in the hot plate unbearable. So, we eat fast food and dine in expensive restaurants?Better instead to choose dishes that do not require heat treatment.So it is possible to prepare not only desserts and beverages, but also soups, meat and even!Such food is also good that saves time.And added to the diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, enriches it with vitamins, many of which are destroyed during thermo processing.

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