How do I get a tax deduction when buying an apartment

those who are soon going to buy a house, not uninteresting to know about such a concept as a tax deduction.What is the tax deduction is not difficult to explain.

The tax deduction when buying an apartment

tax deduction when buying an apartment

legal terms, this income tax return when buying an apartment, that is, the amount of which shall be subject to reduction of the tax base of income of individuals.According to Russian law, the maximum size of such amount may be not more than two million rubles.

Hence, if you wish to exercise his right to deduct, when buying an apartment, you can bring back the 13% of the funds spent by you.For example - you bought an apartment for one million rubles, 130 thousand will be returned, when buying a home worth two million, the amount of the tax deduction will amount to 260 thousand.

When calculating the amount of which will be a general tax deduction you can take not only the cost directly to the apartment, but also the costs associated with the purchase of building materials, personal money spent

by you to pay for services team of repairmen.The main thing is that all your costs for the purchase of housing in the aggregate do not exceed 2 million rubles.In this particular case, the contract should specify that the apartment you acquire, has no finishing, ie just call it and you can not live, until you make the necessary repairs.

Main, collect all receipts and checks, for example, the purchase of wallpaper, laminate, plumbing and other things needed for the repair.That is, the income tax return, you will be able not only to the amount spent on the purchase of "apartment under the finish," but also with the amount that you spent on bringing this apartment up to livable condition.Just do not get carried away, remember the limit of two million rubles, if your repair will exceed that amount, it is still more than 260 thousand will not be returned.

The tax deduction when buying an apartment

tax deduction when buying an apartment: the condition

  • Further, the following caveat.To the state has returned to you income tax scrip you paid for the purchased apartment, you need to, of course, first pay the tax or at least have real income, from which you deducted monthly tax revenues to the state.Naturally, if you have worked all their lives, receiving a "black" wages in envelopes, then naturally you will have no tax deduction when buying an apartment.
  • Another condition under which you can count on a return of income tax when buying a home - you need to be a citizen of the Russian , and accommodation that you purchase must also be within the Russian Federation. That is when buying a property abroad, the right to a tax deduction, you do not have.
  • In addition, you should buy housing for their own money , and if you use the maternity capital, military, mortgage, or interest-free loan from your employer, you just will not have the right to an income tax refund.
  • buying the apartment at their own expense, to check up the documents and payment documents, which would confirm your ownership of the property, they have been issued to the same person, otherwise you just do not get a tax refund.
  • his right of tax deduction for buying apartments, anyone can use only once .Since the maximum amount of such deduction today is 260 thousand rubles, then it may be wise to wait until a new law on the budget, perhaps, this amount will be increased?In any case, you decide.

The tax deduction when buying an apartment

How to get a tax deduction when buying an apartment

  1. To be eligible for a tax deduction, you should take a document proving you have made the payment for the apartment, the documents confirming your right to property tax return fora 3-PIT and contact the tax office a statement.
  2. Statement of income tax refund is usually treated with the tax office for up to three months.If your application is considered favorably, you, depending on the wishes or the end of the year to repay the amount of the tax deduction on personal bank account, or be given a certificate, which you show at your place of work, and in the calculation of wages you will not withhold taxwith revenues up until the entire amount of the tax deduction will not be blocked.