How to attract money?

in your pocket, "not a lot", despite the fact that you are working so hard?You often looked at with envy of neighbors or friends who do not have financial problems?It does not envy, because, perhaps, they just know how to attract money into your life.Learn some of the secrets and learn how to attract money, can you.

How to attract money

How to attract money

In fact, the money - this is a special kind of energy, and any energy, as is known, requires movement. If there is no movement - beginning stagnation.Therefore it is necessary to try to make this energy circulate properly.

want to attract money, then you love them and they love you. money literally feel your attitude to it, and this relationship gives rise to a reaction.Notice how you speak of money.Perhaps out of your mouth and then fly phrase: "I do not want roach for a penny," "Damn the money," etc.But few know that such phrases we offend them.So even if you do not have enough money, be grateful to them, treated with respect, then they will be more like

ly to "fall into your hands."

Or maybe you do not know about the money?Try to respond immediately, which city is shown in a ten bill?If you find it difficult to answer, then you need to get to know them.Pick up a money bill, having carefully considered it, remember the sensation of fingers, the slightest detail and smoothness that smell bill.Compare smell and tactile sensations from different denominations.Money is like when they are paying attention.

How to attract money

How to attract money: attention to the wallet

Pay attention to your wallet. Money - a valuable thing, so do not wear them unseemly in their pockets or wallets of old primitive.Make sure to have your money was a beautiful "house" where all neatly laid out on shelves.Remove from the purse all too much, calendars and pictures should not be stored next to the money.It is best to put in a purse beautiful foreign bill, which each time will attract your attention.

How to attract money

How to attract money?Properly stored

And where better to keep the money?In addition to the bank for this purpose is ideal for kitchen and front door area.Be sure to put the eagle coin up in the fridge and under the mat at the front door, then they will only multiply.But to keep them under the mattress in the closet in the bedroom, bathroom or toilet is not worth it, otherwise they will be "washed out", "sleep" and "leak" from you.Place the pot in the hallway or a plate, and every day to add a couple of coins.The more coins there is, the stronger the energy of money in your home.

How to attract money

How to attract money?Convert them!

not forget that money is like the expense, so count them regularly.You should always know how much money is in your wallet.Money is like!Try to carry large sums of money, it will allow you to get rid of the consciousness of "the poor", because you will always know that you have money.The size of this amount each defines for himself.Someone gives a feeling of financial security 1,000 rubles, someone - 5.000.

Plan your spending.Money is not like when they spend recklessly. got paid, make a small plan as you do with the amount received.Count how much money you spend on food, entertainment, purchase items, etc.So your money will not go "nowhere".Be sure to put off at least 10% of each paycheck - this will allow you to feel the financial support and increase the energy of money.

How to attract money

How to attract money - to dream about them!

Thank God for money and everyone, even a small fee. Try to dream, because our thoughts are material.Imagine yourself rich in minute detail.Try to feel positive emotions, whereas a dream come true will not take long.Do not envy the rich.Jealousy makes money elude you.And do not complain that you have no money.After all, our subconscious effect on reality.It is better to say that the money will soon be.

How to attract money

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