Money is not happiness ???

It would be foolish to claim that the money completely mean nothing: with them, life becomes much easier - they give a sense of freedom!

Money can not buy happiness?

Money can not buy happiness?

Money can not buy happiness? How nice pleasure to wander through the shops, choosing a beautiful, high-quality veshi, without looking at the price tags. make repairs to your taste, have a rest abroad, enjoy the speed of quality cars ...

There are so tempted to ask a provocative question: So, with the money you are a man, and without them - absolute zero? other words, the personal value is determined by the finances?This thesis can not arrange any self-respecting man.Still, you need to determine, the role money plays in your life.

What we are trying to solve problems with money? It just seems that "everything can be bought" for the money: here lies the catch.

can buy beauty - but not love.Or social status, but does not respect others.

in the notorious "financial matters", we constantly confuse cause and effect.But the understanding comes only after t

hat question, at the cost of enormous efforts, settled once and for all.

Everyone thinks about money ... yet they are not

sometimes listen to friends and family, and it seems that on money pebble converged - of them is talking, straight-away center of the universe!Many people firmly believe that with the advent of the financial well-being of all the problems in their lives run out themselves.However, scientific studies show just the opposite.

Money can not buy happiness? turns out, the number of accidents, suffering from psychological problems and complexes among rich people, no less, and sometimes even more than any other social group.And huge sums of money are powerless to help their masters.

The poor man, at least, preserved the illusion that someday earning a lot of money, his life will improve.

Anyway, at the moment it faces quite specific task where a lot of money to get it. He experiences, suffering, and makes an effort ... somehow succeeds - and where to go?It all makes sense: there is a problem, there are ways to solve it, the hardships of the way there is a final effect.

Will happiness, if you have the money

Now imagine that we have the money, and lot.We do not think about how much they earn and spend without much damage to the purse.What occurred happiness?Not at all!If the brain is not engaged in search of a decent livelihood, he was trying to solve other problems.

Money can not buy happiness? Moreover, with the same force domestic discontent own life , because this force - constant.What problems are oppressed now?Well, for example, whether it makes sense in my life.Or is that if my marriage, how I wanted it to be.

Do I Love those from whom I was looking forward to it. And if love, for what is not there for the money?Insidious questions begin to overcome a man with incredible intensity.After all, the brain and released money for food is now making do not!

we realize that quality of life is determined not by how I live and how I feel.

Earlier it seemed that improve self-awareness, if I had a little more money. But, earning them, I suddenly realize that the main purpose of my life - this is happiness, that is my inner sense of self.Meanwhile, the money - just tinsel.Now that I have them, I throw myself into the breach of other problems.

If you constantly worrying habit has formed , if the soul is restless, the appearance of money not only relieve this anxiety, but, on the contrary, make it more explicit.When the objective difficulties disappear, difficulties emerge on the surface of the subjective, and the lack of finance, as before, is not soshleshsya!

Money can not buy happiness!

happens that people go bankrupt and let his brains out.What are they thinking at this moment?That lost money, they lost themselves.

But it turns out that the whole of their value consisted only of money, which is known to come and go.Crisp bills designed to spend them, and can disappear in the blink of an eye!

man becomes himself at the moment when money ceases to determine his emotional state, when cease to be the measure of his personal values.

Money can not buy happiness? Money can not buy happiness?

multimillionaire Aristotle Onassis said: "Do not chase the money - go to meet them." However, in order to go somewhere, you need to be someone.And if you have no money, as it seems, no one, then you have nowhere to go, and by and large there is no need.

put themselves at the mercy of what in fact is very unsteady, unreliable factor, stupid.It is high time to understand that money - it's a phantom, with which we are trying to calm anxieties.The result is not always, too fictitious support.If we really want to be successful and wealthy, you start building your own well-being should not be a roof and a basement.A foundation - this is our identity.And as long as we do not understand what is primary and what is secondary, we will not be happy.

happy life for later, or the pursuit of money

Money can not buy happiness? people without their own housing, think that to be happy he needs a studio apartment.And then everything will be different!But then he realizes that it would be nice to have a separate bedroom, an office or a guest room.And the next target will be a house with a swimming pool.He gets nervous, save the missing funds while postponing a real, full, happy life later.But quality of life is not determined by the number and value of marble toilets!

All psychological problems related to finances, stem from a misunderstanding of the word "enough."Once a person realizes that he enough money available, the increase in salary fifty dollars it treats as a holiday - and get pleasure from it.Otherwise, this increase is not seen as an unexpected and pleasant gift of fate, but as a compensation for something missing!

Be happy today, do not chase sunbeams.It's not in money happiness!

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