Telework - home office

remote work If you flour "serve time" hours in the office, try to be, for example, a freelancer, to cease to depend on the employer.

Telework has a number of advantages.You - the chief and myself, and the time can also manage your own!

How to get away from the normal operation of the remote?

just afraid to go in the "free swimming"?Try to negotiate with the management on the work of a part-time .Labor legislation allows the employee part-time at his request.If the boss gives good, then you can be in the office no more than 4 hours a day and at least 20 hours a week at a five-day working week.

Payment, however, also be appropriate. half, or depending on the volume of work.But you saved all the labor rights situation of staff with full-time, including the right to paid annual leave.

Telework - free choice

remote work work at home is now called the buzzword freelancing. In RuNet can be found more than a dozen exchanges:

Someone goes into fr

eelancing at the call of the soul, someoneinternally, since it can not find a free position after the dismissal.Others work part time freelancing in your spare time.

Most often go on free bread, journalists, editors, programmers, translators, designers.But, in principle, to work remotely now anyone can.The main thing that a computer with internet was handy.

Pros telework

Working from home has many advantages.You do not waste time on the way to the office, you have more free time, you can simultaneously execute orders for different customers, you yourself will establish a work schedule when you work and when - to rest.

Cons telework

But there are also disadvantages: the unstable income, lack of social security and independent search for customers who are not always honest in terms of payment.remote work

order not to face the fraud, always carefully check the reputation of a potential employer, view reviews about it.

options telework

option offers a lot of telework. For example, you can try your hand as a specialist in so-called site-advisor: to answer questions of visitors to the area with which you are familiar.A good example of a site consultant in medicine doctors provide answers to medical questions.If you are a physician, offered himself as an expert.

If you do not have a distinct specialty, for example, you are still a student, then you can deal with moderation personals sites: spellcheck, reject spam and so on.To become a moderator, search for a site with ads and offers its services.

Telework - network marketing

Another version of the work out of the office - do direct sales or network marketing. "Networker" - a person engaged in small-scale retail sales without the counter and therefore seeking customers where necessary.It offers its products familiar and unfamiliar: shows product provides guidance on its use.

remote work In network marketing everyone is currently manager and the chief himself. receive remuneration depends on you the most.To demonstrate and prodavatsya goods in offices and trains, you have to be sociable, have a strong nervous system.According to psychologists, in addition to wages, work networker helps personal development.

Job in network marketing, you can easily find a job at the usual sites, specifying the appropriate keyword.Be of good cheer!

Search vacancies telework - search engine for jobs working remotely placed on major services like and - easy viewing of projects on different exchanges telework.

projects on exchanges - service, bringing together in one place RSS-feed positions with major exchanges and remote work services in RuNet and RSS-feeds from the largest English-language exchanges.