How to spend money wisely?

inflation accelerates: the accumulation of melt like snow in March.You do not want that money will help us in 10-20 years.Think more profitable to spend it.On what?

How to spend money few years you have saved money, perhaps indulging in pleasures, in order to buy a home, cottage, car or simply cherished, as they say, a "rainy day" .But inflation ruthlessly "eats" your savings.

What to do if you are not willing to invest in risky financial projects - mutual funds, exchange trades?It is necessary to support the consumer boom!Make some useful purchases and investments!The main thing - to spend money wisely.It is necessary to invest in something that will not go bad quickly and need to be sure your family in the near and distant future. How to spend money

What does not make sense to spend money

But first, list what the brand does not make sense to spend money.Many ladies like to update the wardrobe.Shopping is certainly nice of employment, but a good investment such spending can not be called: transient fashion, things quickly

get bored, anyway every month, you want something new.So, having bought a ton of clothes today, we do not insure themselves against further spending.

Children less volatile fashion, why buy little things for children "in mind" - a good idea.However, if your child is still small.But decide for a teenager that he will wear after 2 years, it is meaningless: probably he will choose something trendy that today, designers have not created!

Cosmetics, too, do not buy in store. Firstly, good cosmetics has a small shelf life.Secondly, you need to purchase only those tools that are required of your skin and hair today and tomorrow needs of your body may change.

how to spend money wisely on

right, those who start buying gold and diamonds, jewels and furs. precious metals and stones grow in value even in times of inflation.Gold ring with a ruby ​​in years only go up.Coat of fur will indicate your status, and then again you can not go wrong.Just choose the model of classic cut that tomorrow goes out of fashion.

How to spend money investment in your own health!Pay medical examinations in a good clinic.Normally before that hands do not reach, is not it?And it does not necessarily have to do serious illnesses!Each person has a small health problems - so it is not necessary to run them.You do not just improve your health, but also extend their life.In women over 35 often have problems with joints, spine, veins on the legs.Why not afford physiotherapy, massage and preventive procedures that prevent serious disease?

cosmetic center offering spa-treatments, anti-age program and other services, that improve body tone and prolong youth.Is not it worth your costs?

Purchase a subscription to a fitness club. you do not like hard physical work, which is given to the group sessions?Then use the services of a personal trainer or a specialist in recreational gymnastics.Start taking belly dancing lessons, sign up for the strip-dance or horseback riding - all of this wonderful investment in your well-being.
Additional education is also worth it to spend without regret to him that kept "in a pod."To be back on the bench studenchenskoy into adulthood and get a second degree in no way be ashamed!You can enroll in foreign language courses, to raise the level of computer skills.How to spend money

Spend money on a hobby. example, some wants to learn to sew, knit, draw, photograph, do hair or master landscape design - not for the sake of earning extra money, and for the soul!Allow yourself to do so, as long dreamed of enrolling in courses!

Any hobby will allow you to make new friends, expand horizons, perhaps even to change jobs more interesting, prestigious, highly paid.Money spent on career development, are compensated quickly!

Travel to good use.Investing in tours also cost effective if you combine leisure with learning ....You can just lie on the beach in Turkey, on the program "all inclusive", but you can - by the way, for the same money!- Relax and at the same time learning English.Or see the sights of Britain, France, Germany, communicating with native speakers.We only need to book a personal tour - gastronomic, historical, anyone!- In the interests of your country.

embedding "a" will always pay off: after intense emotional and cultural life makes a person more happy, healthy, successful.

how to spend money wisely home

Repair - a profitable investment. He will raise the market value of the apartment.You will be able to reconstruct the space of a winner, it will improve mood, and most importantly, you will forget for a long time about the need to always something to fix.Even if a house has a decent view and can hold out for another 2-3 years, is now to make repairs.Service workers and construction materials quickly becoming more expensive.Update window, balcony, wallpaper, flooring, plumbing, put a new door, make ceilings.And do not skimp on the quality of supplies and services - then the next repair will require at least 10 years.

How to spend money Investment in cottage or land. Repair cottage, go arrangement infield.The insulated house you can relax all year round and quality exterior finish will prolong its life.Pere plan garden: landscaping not only beautify site, but also make it more convenient.For example, solid track will relieve you of the need to wear rubber boots in wet weather.

Purchase new furniture. This is also a good investment for a long life.Do not you deserve to live among beautiful things, comfortably?

Update technology. expensive and quality appliances last a long time and make your life easier. Modern cookers comfortable than the old, they are easier to clean, they are equipped with a timer that will save you and the products and nerves.

How to spend money new washing machines do their job much better the predecessors and have a lot of additional useful features such as the laundry does not require time-consuming ironing and boiling.The latest fridges save energy and preserve the best products. Hood Kitchen , a humidifier and a heater for the room also needed, because a healthy climate in the house - not a luxury. Dishwasher ever relieve the family from disputes on the topic: "Whose turn now wash dishes?"Get hpebopechku, juicer, steamer and expensive dishes, allowing longer maintain the beneficial properties of the products.Smart appliances will add comfort to your life, free time for leisure and entertainment, enable less tired and take care of your health.

How to spend money makes sense to upgrade and electronic equipment in the house. modern PC or laptop with more memory will save on buying a DVD, a video deck, and a music center.

One multifunction device - and other units can not be spent!Set in an apartment high-speed Internet, today, saying "Time is money -" more relevant than ever.

new video camera and an expensive camera is also an excellent investment: you'll not only get the opportunity for creative expression, but also be able to capture the happy moments of your life - for future grandchildren.

Make money work for you !

short, make money work for you. hiding behind skirting the amount by which any home or cottage, or a car you can not buy, you can hardly win something.Sometimes the money is better not to take care of and spend: from this you extract much more useful and moral satisfaction.