Promotion: who is against?

If you think you can do better, or for a long time to perform duties that are outside the scope of your position, just tell your supervisor.

Do not be afraid to admit that you wish to raise the position. not to delay the time to take a higher level in his career.

promotions: Step 1

Drop false modesty and feelings about what you podsizhivaesh someone of his colleagues. You do not stuffed to the head mistress, expecting rewards and indulgence, and reported to management that your work can be used much more efficiently.

promotions: Step 2

Before talking with the boss to increase positions prepare, in writing, specific proposals for improving workflow, save costs, expand market for the company's products, etc.

promotions: Step 3

Remind boss about, what progress you made while working in his current position, and how much time you occupy it.

promotions: Step 4

Think about those of his colleagues will be able to replace you, and offer a worthy candidate for the chief of t

he place. Many leaders are in no hurry to raise the position a good employee just because of the fear that others simply can not cope with his duties.

promotions: Step 5

try to convince the head of that search for a candidate for the post, which you can take, it is not necessary for several reasons.

  • Firstly, an outsider does not know many of the nuances of your work, so he would have to delve into.
  • Secondly, you've already proven employee who can be relied upon, and what to expect from a stranger - is still unknown.
  • Thirdly, the search takes a while.
  • And fourthly, candidates for the position, as a rule, costing the company more expensive than "grown up" shots.

promotions: Step 6

Another is your trump card - the links. establish contacts with partners and colleagues - it is also a job.And you have successfully done it.