How to save money?

decided to keep the cash in the bank, but do not know how to do it more profitably?Let's see!

How to save money

How to save money: Deposit

Bank deposit, or deposit, for those who do not like to take risks, not after a super profit and wants to protect money from inflation.How to save money

Deposit - a good option for a young family, which is planning to purchase real estate in the conditions of the mortgage.So you can save money for a down payment and get good skills of planning the family budget: accustomed to a certain amount set aside each month to the bank, you will be easy to allocate part of the income to repay the mortgage.

Please note

special meaning keeping money on deposit gains in periods of instability, as you can create your own financial "safety cushion".


simple logic - to go to the bank that offers the highest yield of the deposit - is, alas, is not working.Too many pitfalls hidden behind enticing guise of "18 per cent per annum."According to experts, with such proposals tend to favo

r banks with poor liquidity, that is unreliable or problem.What is the danger it poses to the investor?


It would seem that putting money in the bank at high interest rates, the investor risks nothing, because deposits are insured by the state.In fact, if the insured event occurs, that is, the bank burst, affected customers will receive their money at once .How will the payment grace period, no one can answer.

How to save money Please note If the bank goes bankrupt, payments engaged CER (The deposit insurance system).Before you take the money to the bank and find out whether it is a party to the insurance system.If the test is successful, the money from the deposit is guaranteed to come back into your wallet.

deposit before the crisis ...

you opened a deposit before the crisis, when the deposit rates were much smaller today , and going to shift money to contribute to greater profitability?Before you do something, carefully read through the contract.

  • If the deposit term, but made for a long time (before the crisis) and his term will end soon, to take nothing.Upon termination of the contract is usually lost interest.
  • If before the expiration of the contract is a few years old, it is possible to give up profits, which probably is not very great, and the amount of money to shift to more profitable deposit.

deposit rate

August 1, 2009, rates on deposits should not exceed 18% - this decision was made Central Bank of Russia.The rule applies to all banks in the country and concerns deposits, decorated with 01.08.09.

How to save money: types of deposits

The next question that you will face: what kind of contribution I choose?The answer depends on your goals.

  • If you want to save up for specific needs, How to save money amb Dept. is preferred to replenish the deposit.In this case, you will be able to report some free agents.
  • contribution without the possibility of replenishment is good, if you want to save a certain amount until better times.For example, are you going to buy an apartment, but the instability want to hold off buying, waiting for property prices to fall a little more.In this case, placing money for a period of 1-2 years, you can count on the rate of 13-15% per annum.
  • If you're not sure that in the coming months, you do not need money, it is necessary to consider other options.For instance, term deposit with the possibility of early withdrawal. Important! Usually in this case the bank requires the investor to a certain amount in the account has always been, and will be more than this amount, the higher the percentage of the bank is willing to offer for such a contribution.
  • most advantageous in terms of interest rates will simply "freeze" a large sum for a long period, for example, if you stir 500 thousand rubles for 5 years. Important! Bank is advantageous when the client puts on a deposit a large sum while "promises" not to touch the contribution over several years.In turn, the bank offers depositors high interest rates on deposits.

How To Save Money: Currency

How to save money course, give their preferences of any one currency and invest in it all their savings rather risky.That is why most experts recommend open several deposits in different currencies.

euro, the ruble and the dollar can not fall at the same time, therefore, the fall of one currency can be offset by growth in the other.

proportions can be different: for example, 40% in dollars, 40% euros and 20% in rubles.

How to save money: important questions

  • How to save money If deposits in the amount of 700 thousand rubles, their reasonable place in different banks.
  • multi-currency deposits - another way to "trick" inflation. On this deposit can store dollars, euros and rubles at once.Ratio of exchange can be changed during the term of the deposit.Consequently, this makes it possible to make a deposit on exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Even if you do not currently solid savings, that you would like to put in the bank, put off small amounts.Each month, immediately after receiving the salary, as long as you did not have time to spend it, put in the pot some of the money.In cases where the salary is charged to a bank card, it makes sense to open a card and transfer the money on it.
  • to withdraw money from the deposit, too, need to know some of the subtleties. If you plan to remove a large amount (100 thousand and above), notifying the Bank in advance.Otherwise, the cashier may not have the desired amount.

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