Recalculation of rent for your vacation or departure

recalculation of the rent ride often on business trips, and in the summer you live in the country?You can make a recalculation of the rent.

to return the money for services that you are currently not used, you need to apply for recalculation of rent.

to apply for recalculation need to those who run the house and to whom we order services for its maintenance.This can be DES, condominiums, housing office or other responsible persons (depending on which way to manage the apartment building was chosen by tenants).

Who has the right to recalculate the rent?

No matter for what reason you are not at home - vacation, business trip or hospital treatment, important to you away from home for more than five days and could prove it by documents.

recalculation of the rent If you had gone to rest under the permit, the permit itself and prepare air or train tickets.If you're lying in a hospital - a doctor's certificate.It happens that you just went for a week to stay in another city, in which case you'll have to go to the local police department and obt

ain a certificate of provisional registration.

Another condition for the allocation - the lack of individual meters. Recalculation can not be obtained, for example, for electricity, as in every apartment and house has its own counter, and your absence, he also "resting."The same applies to any other counters: hot and cold water, gas.If the counter not, feel free to go to the management company.

application for recalculation of rent

to a package of documents confirming your absence, attach a statement with the request to make a recalculation and take them to the supplier of utility services.This statement can be written in the HOA (there to help make it right).

recalculation of the rent Moreover keep in mind that the account that you got for the current month, you need to pay in full.

Without this, there will be no allocation. Then, within 5 days, the utility required to make all the calculations and give you back the money.

recalculation make on the basis of standards.The line "norm" is in your payment receipts.For example, for cold water you pay 300 rubles.per month.You were not home 10 full days.So, next month the amount of this line reduced to 100 rubles., Which will be written in the "recalculate".

What can not be recalculated

Keep in mind that you do not return the money if the utilities were turned off:

a) because of an emergency on the equipment or network on which there is water, heat, electricity and gas;

b) due to the occurrence of natural disasters and emergencies, as well as the need for their elimination.

So do not forget to keep the ticket!