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7 main female hormones

Female hormone known that all processes in our body is controlled hormones.The mood, health, appearance, appetite, sleep, intelligence - this and much more depends on hormones.

female hormone: estrogen

One of the most famous female hormones - estrogen, which is produced in the ovaries. This hormone, due to which a woman has a female figure and a female character.Rounded shapes, soft, compliant character, emotion - all of this we have in the body due to the production of the hormone estrogen.

addition, he is able to accelerate cell renewal of the whole organism, maintain youthful glow and healthy hair, skin, and also saves vessels from cholesterol deposits.

It is clear that the hormone has to be produced in the right quantities.

Female hormone excess and a lack of female hormones: estrogen

excess estrogen can cause excessive fullness in the lower abdomen and thighs.Furthermore, various benign tumor doctors attributed to excess of the female hormone.

Its deficiency often causes hair growth in unwanted place

s: on the face, legs, arms.

In case of lack of this hormone a woman ages faster: the skin is more prone to wrinkles and fading, the hair becomes dull and lifeless, etc.

female hormone: testosterone

Women hormone testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands.

Female hormone excess and a lack of female hormones: testosterone

its excess often turns into a woman lover of furious men.Thanks testosterone, we can experience sexual attraction, to be motivated and persistent.

This hormone can cause women not only to lay down their arms, waiting for the men, but most go on the hunt for him.

The more testosterone a woman produces, the easier and faster it build up its muscles and to get involved in active games.With an excess of the hormone a woman becomes aggressive and hot-tempered.

If the body produces enough testosterone, the woman does not want to engage in sexual relations.

female hormone: oxytocin

female hormone oxytocin - the hormone that makes us be gentle, attached. In a lot of oxytocin is produced after birth.This explains our boundless love of light appeared on the tiny creatures.

Female hormone excess and a lack of female hormones: oxytocin

In a lot of the hormone produced during stress. That is why a woman trying to get rid of depression and anxiety, worrying about the children, the husband, doing good deeds.

Female hormones: thyroxine

thyroxine - a hormone that affects our mind and for the figure. It regulates metabolism.The faster it happens, the harder the woman to gain weight and vice versa.

Additionally, thyroxine affects our intelligence. This hormone, a woman may have a slender figure, smooth skin and graceful movements.Interestingly, it allows a woman to thyroxine immediately respond to an interested male gaze.The hormone is synthesized in the thyroid gland.

excess and a lack of female hormones: thyroxine

If the body produces thyroxine in an excessive amount, the woman loses weight very quickly. In addition, it is difficult to concentrate.One thought is constantly replaced by another, a woman is experiencing constant anxiety, suffering from insomnia, and the heart jumps right out of my chest.The lack of this hormone causes drowsiness, lethargy and obesity, as well as memory impairment.Female hormone

Female hormones norepinephrine

Norepinephrine is a hormone called rage and courage. During a stressful situation the hormone produced in the adrenal glands.Many known hormone contrast - fear hormone that makes us run away from danger.Norepinephrine, on the contrary, a woman awakens a sense of confidence and willingness to take action.

hormone dilates blood vessels, blood rushes to the head, and we come to mind great ideas, ruddy cheeks cover the wrinkles are smoothed out, and his eyes sparkle with bright fire.Norepinephrine helps a woman with her head held high to solve all the problems, find ways out of trouble and still look great.

Many men will not lie, sometimes during stress, the woman did not fade, but rather only blooms.

There are no feelings of anxiety or insomnia overpowered.It is often possible to observe that the slightest trouble takes us out of balance, makes you feel depressed.And sometimes nothing can take us out of ourselves!Thank hormone norepinephrine!

female hormone: insulin

Female hormone Insulin is a hormone called "sweet life". He enters the blood from the pancreas, it controls the level of glucose in the blood.Insulin breaks down all carbohydrates are received, includingsweets, and transforms them into glucose (energy source).ThusInsulin gives us energy, which allows us to live.

Some women at birth is somewhat less insulin is produced, than others, and this hormone is not active.

When we consume too much sweet or starchy foods, excess glucose "wanders" through the body and has a negative impact on the state of the cells and blood vessels.As a result, it can develop diabetes.Particularly high risk, if such disease affects your family.

Female hormones: somatotropin

This female hormone is responsible for the strength and harmony. hormone produced in the pituitary gland, endocrine gland, which is located in the brain.Growth hormone responsible for fat burning, muscle building, the strength and elasticity of the ligaments, includingand those who support women's breasts.

In childhood and adolescence excess of this hormone leads to very high growth.If in adults this hormone is produced in excess, increases that may still grow: chin, nose and knuckles.Excessive amounts of the hormone during pregnancy can lead to enlargement of certain features of the face, hands, feet, hands, but after the birth of a baby, all tend to fall into place.In children, growth hormone is fraught with a lack of deceleration, and often full stop growth.

Female hormone If a woman is constantly not getting enough sleep often overeat and overwork, the level of hormone growth hormone decreases, muscles become weak and flabby, breasts lose their shape.In this case no enhanced training will not fix the situation.

Hormones control all the processes in the female body .Hormonal drugs can lead to hormonal imbalance, and the results of such treatments may be the most unexpected!

So before, start taking them, it is necessary to evaluate the existing risk.