Men like eyes - why?

As stated in the well-known saying - men like eyes.I wonder what is the basis for this judgment?Why are men so love to look at beautiful women, even if next to them no less beautiful?

Men love eyes

Men love eyes

continuation of this proverb says that "women love with their ears."And so it is!After all, women are not so important that next to her was a handsome, muscular macho with a magazine cover. visual side does not play such a big deal. much more important for us to hear compliments, praise and admiration of a loved one.It gives women confidence in themselves and their irresistible and necessary.

Men are arranged somewhat differently.Their visual channel developed much stronger. ability to respond to women's beauty - it is a natural property of male , pledged nature.Therefore, women in short skirts and blouses with deep neckline tempting cause an increased interest in men.This reaction takes place unconsciously, on the verge of instincts.

Men love eyes

Why do men love with their eyes

Beautiful women always attract the attention of men. Lovely, delicate, thin facial features, slightly built with bending waves, smooth, silky skin, long beautiful hair, graceful gait - everything that is endowed with a woman and then a man deprived.That's how the nature of a woman looks more aesthetically pleasing and attractive than a man.Of course, they are not jealous of the women that they got more "attractive shell", but still tend to approach this beauty and enjoy what they do not have.

Men love eyes

Fear discrepancy

Men love eyes However, many men, admiring the beautiful woman, have a sense of fear of inadequacy.

After a woman's desire to look bright and catchy, indicating a high self-esteem and a certain temperament.In this case, a man fears that his advances are rejected, it may laugh at him.Therefore, many men fear women stressed sexy, beautiful clothes with perfect makeup and hairstyle.For this reason, many men choose their companions in the girls 'simpler' and stylish beauty is not always able to find a husband.

ability of men to "love eyes" is manifested in the tendency to fetishism, when attention and excitement is some specific detail.For example, magnificent breasts, shapely legs, curvy ass, short skirt, black stockings, tight-fitting blouse or even a certain age women.

This preferences of different men may be radically different, because notions of beauty are always individual.So do not worry if you do not look like a supermodel.A variety of men's tastes quite large, so every woman can charm your man.

Men love eyes