Kiss passionately - that you need to know about it?

kiss passionately Do you know how to kiss for real?And not just smack each other on the cheek or lips, and long and passionately kissing passionately.

Kisses, kisses ...

Anthropologists was found that not all people of the world love and know how to kiss. For example, some ethnic groups in the far north or in Oceania kissing is not accepted.Whether it is a taboo, or they simply did not occur, or the climatic conditions as influenced by.

main thing here in another - the ethnic groups who are not familiar with a kiss, have a much shorter life expectancy compared with those who love kissing.

What is the kiss passionately?

kiss passionately - a passionate kiss, during which the lips intensive contact with the skin absorb the force, while suck it.Once he even may leave a small bruise.

kiss passionately kiss passionately many also called French kiss. not surprising because many think the French are very passionate and loving.In France, this kiss called "Kiss of souls."It is an unforgettable kiss, during which the soul i

s really joined in love.It brings people together like no other.That is why the kiss passionately so popular around the world.

Although the term "French Kiss» denotes a kiss with tongue differs from the classic kiss passionately.He still is its variety.A kiss of options there are so many.

Merging into a kiss, lovers do not notice anything else but their feelings.Between them there is an inexplicable reaction is shock from which they enjoy. kiss passionately

kiss passionately: Teaches

able to kiss passionately is very important, so Kiss plays a significant role in the caresses of two lovers. Learn this easy kiss, you need to be aware of some rules and completely surrender your senses.Firstly, it is important in any kiss fresh breath, so it's worth thinking ahead.But most importantly - you need to relax and not to worry, because the kiss is not difficult to implement, as it seems.

your lips should not be too hard and stressful, but do not completely relax them, find a happy medium between these states.First touch may be cautious and careful, with gentle touches to his lips partner.But they can also be passionate and intense.There are many techniques that kiss, so it is necessary to include fantasy: you can suck lip partner gently suck his tongue, to carry them across the sky, or teeth, etc. kiss passionately

The benefits of kissing passionately

Do not be afraid of bacteria are exchanged during a lovers kiss passionately.After all, scientists scientifically proven benefits of long kisses.Those who love to kiss, less ill with viral diseases.

Perfect Snogging even can treat pain and painful shock. They inhibit the formation of anxiety and stress hormones in the body.Therefore, many doctors instead of pills advise their patients to therapy in the form of passionate kisses and long with regular partners.

general, all work miracles kisses.Remember kiss mom who instantly relieves anxiety and pain of the baby.

addition therapists try to heal with kisses and other doctors. was found that excellent results Perfect Snogging give even when such serious diseases as diabetes and hypertension.Home often kiss!

American doctor seriously argue that the passionate kisses on the strength of positive emotional action and health benefits are almost a panacea for many diseases plaguing humanity.

  • Kissing helps to recover faster after a heart attack, prevent many cardiovascular diseases, heal and strengthen the lungs, ulcers, gastro-intestinal diseases, heals the liver and increase the tone of the whole organism.kiss passionately
  • hard to believe, but the kiss passionately promotes weight loss. This is due to the burning of calories, and the longer you kiss, the more they consumed.
  • In addition, Perfect Snogging able to rejuvenate and smooth the fine wrinkles on the face. No massage or facial mask does not catch up with him.After all, during a kiss involved about forty facial muscles working at full capacity.
  • also praised Perfect Snogging dentists, because the kiss prevents the development of diseases such as periodontal disease, improve blood flow to the gums and, consequently, strengthen the teeth.And the prevention of dental caries with kisses can not be compared with a chewing gum.And most importantly for free and extremely nice!