Gifts for the guy?

what to give the guy Gifts guy?Choosing a gift has always been a complex process and requires a huge effort on the part of the fantasy.Especially when it comes to choosing a gift for a young man ...

If with a choice of a present for his beloved girlfriend decide quite simply, enough to buy what you like, that guy really appreciate only what is necessary to taste it, that'sthis is the main difficulty.

that we should not give the guy?

Even knowing a person than a year, we may not know all of its preferences, and it's not in our carelessness, and the variability of tastes.For example, what was your cute darling yesterday, today can be absolutely indifferent or worse seem hint of anything wrong.

For example, last year on February 23 you gave to the guy funky mug of beer - handmade noble material - he was extremely happy and thank you with all the breadth of his male soul.But during the subsequent period up to the present day, this circle became a mediator in the process of moving the foam liquid from bottles and c

ans in the insides of your beloved, which led to a series of scandals and mass of "praise" of words against each other.Believe me, men do not like a fuss and the response to a similar gift this year is unlikely to be positive, the association know.

what to give the guy As is the case with all sorts of cufflinks, pens, ties, shorts and shaving kit. The only difference is that about all of these things does not arise so much negative associations, the cause of hostility to all these "charms" lies elsewhere.

The fact that such a mediocre and unemotional gifts, men are perceived as a common excuse.

«She gave because it is necessary» - the first thought that comes to mind man got on important holidays, regular shaving cream from the nearest person.Such prezenty acceptable for ordinary holidays or male colleagues, but as not just a beloved husband or boyfriend.

Gifts guy?

So what's to please a loved one, for example, on his birthday and other holidays important for him? The best gift is, of course, you will be fine but if it will connect with you some material bagatelle or a grand event, where the key figure to address you, in all its glory.

what to give the guy Lock yourself in a favorite memory with the help of complicated material object, can certainly give him a picture of a beautiful and hang it where he will always enjoy it.

But it is fraught with the fact that his mind sated your way from the infinite contemplation of it, will cease to lively respond to the real you, the most sensual side of relationships will suffer and may even develop a craving for novelty.

Such a gift can only do that if you fully trust that man captivated you once and for all, which is rare, because of the polygamous nature of man.

what to give the guy Give a guy a dinner at a restaurant?

second option where harmless and efficient, but it can require a significant investment. For example, you can invite to your favorite restaurant, a paradox, but it works.

Give the guy a trip out of town?

A good option would be a joint trip to the nature, away from civilization and the creation of a paradise in the hut, even for a couple of days.Less of this method is that not every man likes to live in spartan conditions, what can we say about you.

from you as from a key figure depends on many things, primarily the general mood of the holiday, so if you unsettle only one thought about the absence of the soul and other household goods, then the idea is dropped.The advantage of the paradise in a tent is a complete privacy, in the case of a correct choice of the place, of course, that implies complete freedom of action in all planes.

what to give the guy Extreme gifts guy ...

Also there are many other options Gent, from calm and measured, such as a night by the sea, a jacuzzi and a date in the other, to the extreme and dangerous, such asjoint conquest of Everest, the search for sunken ships, skydiving and much, much more.

Emotional gift guy ...

As you can see, you can give the guy anything , but no one present can not be compared with that of memorability, which caused a storm of emotions, it is such a gift for a long time to fix in your mind the idea of ​​a young manabout you, it will make you the center of his universe, and thus encourage him to make you similar gifts.

gifts for the guy who caused the flow of blood and adrenaline burst, not necessarily to spend fabulous sums of money, enough to include fantasy and tune in a creative way, properly handle the idea, even the most insane could be the key to the door in your bright future.

Remember the best gift a guy - is your love, give it to each other and then your world is filled with light and warmth, and the heart will beat to the beat.

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